WATCH: The Damning Video That Will Utterly Destroy Donald Trump (VIDEO)

For months now, Donald Trump has been leading the polls for the republican party’s presidential nomination. His devoted followers hang on his every word, while he promises to do impossible things, like build a wall across the Mexican border and ban Muslims from entering the United States.

Is Trump taking these voters for a ride?

This twelve-minute video compilation, published by the non-profit foundation One World Voice, gives an interesting overview of Trump’s many changing faces and contradictory political positions.

The video includes clips of Trump praising Bill and Hillary Clinton, stating his pro-choice beliefs, supporting partial birth abortion, praising the Chinese, even giving democrats credit for creating a better economy than republicans have ever been able to create.

After more than twelve minutes of video evidence that seems to contradict many of Donald Trump’s recent statements on the campaign trail, the video’s creators ask:

“Still think Trump is a true conservative? Why support him when we have other real conservatives?”

Watch the video below, courtesy of One World Voice on Facebook.


The truth comes out !

Posted by One World Voice on Saturday, December 12, 2015

Does anyone really know what Donald Trump believes or stands for?

As many people already know, Donald Trump is nothing more than a con man. He’s been sued for fraud over everything from bogus real estate deals to his sham school, formerly known as Donald Trump University.

It’s likely Trump doesn’t mean anything he says. Over the past several months what’s become obvious is that he will say anything that is likely to get him publicity or attention, no matter how disgusting it is.

Like Ben Carson’s campaign, Donald Trump’s bid for president is just another way to gain publicity and boost his bank own account.

As Addicting Info reported here, Carson’s campaign has been exposed as nothing more than a publicity stunt, designed to boost his book sales and increase the size of his own bank account. His staff began dropping like flies on New Year’s Day, with more and more resignations rolling in all the time.

Trump’s campaign is not much different than Carson’s. Donald Trump has been a money-grubbing attention whore for decades. A presidential bid is no doubt just a way to get his face on TV and his name in the press, all while bilking his devoted followers out of millions and millions of dollars.

*Featured image credit: video screen capture One World Voice via Facebook