Ted Cruz Birth Certificate Spawns Questions About Illegitimate Birth

On January 17, Dallas News published a copy of Ted Cruz’s birth certificate. The fact that the Republican presidential hopeful was born in Canada is really no big surprise to anyone who has been following the Trump/Cruz birther frenzy.

While Cruz’s Canadian birth is not a surprise, the fact that his mother is identified as Eleanor Wilson on the candidate’s birth certificate, rather than Eleanor Cruz, is.

According to Dallas News, Wilson was the name of Cruz’s mother’s first husband. The couple had been divorced for about seven years at the time Cruz was born.

It gets even more interesting when you learn that the former Ms. Wilson gave birth to another child, Michael, approximately three years after her divorce and three before she supposedly married Ted’s father, right-wing pastor Rafael Cruz.

The baby’s name was Michael Wilson. He later died from crib death.

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In his book, Time for Truth: Reigniting the Promise of America, Cruz claimed his mother’s divorce from Wilson took place in 1965, two years later than the actual date. He also claimed that Michael was born the same year, in 1965, and that the child’s death was what ultimately led to the divorce.

Unfortunately for Ted, Dallas News verified that the divorce took place in 1963 and that Michael Wilson was born and died in 1966.

Dallas News contacted Eleanor Cruz’s former husband, Alan Wilson, who was born in Forth Worth Texas,  but has lived in London, England since the 1960’s.

During the interview, Wilson said he was not Michael Cruz’s father, and he only learned that his ex-wife had given birth by chance.

“We were divorced and she was living on her own,” said Wilson. He said that Eleanor asked him if she could use his last name on the birth certificate. When Michael Wilson later died, he said, “I hadn’t even met the baby.”

Alan Wilson said by chance he and Eleanor Wilson were being treated in the same hospital when she was pregnant when a nurse told his “his wife” was there — startling the Fort Worthian. “I didn’t know she was pregnant. We were definitely divorced.”

It’s interesting that while Rafael and Eleanor Cruz are reported to have married in Texas in 1969, the year before Cruz was born, the state’s online public records site does not show a record of the couple’s marriage. The exact date of Cruz’s parents marriage remain a mystery.

The couple divorced in 1997.

As the drama over whether Ted Cruz is eligible to run for president began to unfold this month, numerous documents have been published, including Eleanor Cruz’s (maiden name Darragh) birth certificate, showing that she was born in the U.S. state of Delaware.

In addition to his mother’s birth certificate, Talking Points Memo and Breitbart (among other media outlets) also published Ms. Cruz’s Canadian voting records. Those records tell us two things. First they tell us that Ms. Cruz was registered to vote in Canada in 1974, a right the country reserves only for legal citizens. Second, the record tell us that the candidate’s mother used the name of her second husband, Rafael Cruz on her Canadian voting record.

So leaves us to wonder why she used the name of her first husband on Ted Cruz’s birth certificate, if indeed she was married to Rafael Cruz at the time Ted was born.

None of this would be considered fair game if the candidate wasn’t running for the position of God’s appointed King of America. It wouldn’t be fair game if Ted and Rafael Cruz had not made ridiculous and insulting statements about single mothers and unwed mothers. It would not be fair game if Ted Cruz had not appointed himself as a spiritual dictator to the masses.

Most importantly, though, the birther movement that viciously attacked President Obama throughout his first term as president used the word “illegitimate,” as a matter of routine, when referring to the leader of our country.

Ted Cruz spent a lot of time catering to the right-wing extremists who viciously attacked the leader our country.

Apparently he never expected any of that to catch up to him.

But now a lot of people are not only asking if Cruz is able to be a legitimate president, they’re asking if Cruz is even the legitimate son of the religiously insane Rafael Cruz.

Maybe Ted should have read that Bible he likes to wave around in front of the crowd. After all, it does warn that eventually “you will reap what you sow.”

Featured image credit: Gage Skidmore, via Flckr cc 2.0