Ted Cruz Gets Trapped In Elevator – Tells Hilarious Joke About Trump (VIDEO)

If you haven’t heard by now, Ted Cruz was stuck inside of an elevator before he was scheduled to give a speech at the South Carolina Tea Party Convention on Saturday. Immediately upon being rescued, he wasted no time harping on Donald Trump, drawing immense laughter in the process:

“All right, so who put Donald Trump in charge of the elevator?”

While Cruz is a terrible candidate (he is a Republican after all), we have to say the joke wasn’t too bad. But, we must add in one caveat: both candidates policy proposals are far more humorous than any joke either candidate could ever muster up.

Both candidates spent this week sucking up to Tea Party members, but it doesn’t appear Trump was well received. A video has surfaced showing Trump getting booed after trying to say negative things about Cruz. For that video, visit HERE. Compare this to the cheers Cruz received when he took a dig at Trump. Doesn’t exactly seem fair, does it? Hey, it’s not supposed to be. This is politics. And, a lot of people have favorites. Cruz, by all appearances, seems to be their guy.

South Carolina is important because it holds the nation’s third primary contest, just after Iowa and New Hampshire. While the Tea Party doesn’t encompass all voters, they still represent a significant voting bloc in the state – which is why both candidates were so eager to seek their approval.

Things between the two are just heating up, though. Expect more shots to be taken, and a few jokes (or insults, rather) from the Donald to get back at Cruz for his elevator stunt.

Featured image via screen capture