Trump Gets Booed Off The Stage In Front Of The Tea Party – Yells Back At Them (VIDEO)

Donald Trump practically got booed off the stage talking to a bunch of Tea Party activists on Saturday after he started talking about Ted Cruz in a negative light. Shortly after getting a taste of his own medicine (i.e. throwing people out of his events, simply because he doesn’t like them) Trump suddenly called it a night and ended his speech. He must not have liked the booing very much.

Here’s what Trump started saying before the commotion started:

“You give a campaign contribution to Ted Cruz, you get whatever the hell you want. And he’s a very nice guy but you have to get — right?”

As soon as these very words left the crevice of Trump’s mouth, the booing immediately commenced. Let’s just say this, Mr. Entertainer didn’t seem to like it very much. He quickly snapped back, saying a lot of the same things over and over very nervously while trying to maintain his composure:

“Excuse me, excuse me. He didn’t report his bank loans. Say whatever you want. He didn’t report his bank loans. He’s got bank loans from Goldman Sachs. He’s got bank loans from Citigroup. And then, and then, he acts like Robin Hood. Say whatever you want but it doesn’t work that way.”

Trump was practically booed off the stage. He had to end his speech shortly after the booing but was not literally booed off. We apologize if the headline was misleading. One thing is clear, though: Trump couldn’t stand it and definitely got a taste of his own medicine.

Right now Donald Trump and Ted Cruz are locked in an intense battle for the top spot in the Republican party. Their so-called truce earlier on in the primary season is essentially over if the last Republican debate is any indication. But, that’s to be expected. This is when the crazy season begins; the Iowa caucuses are only two weeks away.

Trump plans on hitting Ted Cruz more on his alleged birther status, and Cruz will still pretend to like Trump as long as his poll numbers continue to rise. That’s the thing – it all goes back to the polls. Republican candidates worship those numbers more than the Bible. They’ll do whatever works to win this thing.

Expect Trump to keep on saying negative things in an attempt to drive up his numbers. With Ted Cruz rising in popularity that only means the possibility of more booing for Trump.

Featured image via screen capture.