ISIS Terrorists Forced To Screw Over Their Own As Obama’s Game Plan Tears Them To Pieces

During the State of the Union Address, President Obama made the remark that our enemies aren’t getting stronger. If you listened carefully, you could hear the grunts and groans from the Republican side of the aisle, where doom and gloom aren’t just political talking points, they’re a way of life.

The President, briefed daily on the status of the Islamic State, knows better than anyone exactly where the enemy stands, yet Republicans still try to sell fear of a domestic attack by people half a world away like it’s as certain as the sunrise. As it turns out, even Fox News is better informed than the people it stumps for, reporting Monday that ISIS announced it had to cut salaries for its terrorists by half:

In a sign the Islamic State terror group could be pressed for cash, a new report claims its leaders slashed the salaries of all its fighters in half.

The “Treasury Ministry” of ISIS blamed “exceptional circumstances,” The Jerusalem Post reported.

They also reported that the pay cuts were announced well before a massive money stash in Mosul, Iraq was announced, meaning not only were Obama’s tactics working, he managed to follow-up with a crushing blow to the treasury as well.

ISIS says regardless of the pay cuts, fighters are still responsible for their taxes. The lunatics have decided to not only twist the Koran into something that allows for indiscriminate killing and world domination, but as a way to keep more of the money they owe the jihadists they’ve brainwashed.

It’s clear that the president was right to call out the political hot air of the Republicans in his most-watched SOTU speech to date, as the rhetoric they spread defocuses the country from domestic issues in desperate need of more attention. Fox, while reporting the truth in this case for some reason, felt it necessary to include an older video with the article about how strong ISIS has gotten and how impressive their weapons are:

Screen capture from

Screen capture from

It doesn’t matter what the propagandists at Fox News, the Republican party or even ISIS have to say about what’s going on in Syria. The fact is, the JV team the president spoke of was underrated at first, but are now showing their inexperience and lack of playing time. On top of being shunned by the majority of the Muslim world, they’re being pushed back geographically and decimated financially.

That doesn’t matter to the right. Fear begets votes.

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