Millionaire Palin And Billioniare Trump Beg Gullible Supporters To Pay For Sarah’s Travel Costs

If you’ve ever noticed how Donald Trump brags more about how much money he’s made than how much he’s given away, that’s because he’s notoriously uncharitable. Apparently that same level of pennypinching applies to the people who come out to endorse him – even conservative celebrity Sarah Palin.

According to a new fundraising email sent from Sarah Palin’s controversial Political Action Committee (SarahPAC), Palin needs her supporters to break out their checkbooks and give as much as they can to the one time vice presidential candidate so she can attend “political events to support endorsed candidates” like Trump. The email, captured by Politico reporter Ken Vogel shamelessly tells Palin’s loyal fans to visit the PAC’s website to “[contribute] what you can” because Palin “went all in for Donald Trump.”


As bizarre as it is for Trump to not offer to cover travel expenses for his new best friend and political ally, it’s downright offensive to suggest Palin herself can’t afford to pay her own way, either. This is the same person, after all, who recently put her $2.5 million Arizona mansion on the market. She’s also the person who quit her job as governor in order to cash in on a book deal and a Fox News gig that earned her around $12 million. She may not be Donald Trump rich, but she’s wealthy enough to buy a ticket or two from Travelocity.

Longtime followers of Sarah Palin’s grift machine won’t be surprised by this latest moneygrab. SarahPAC has consistently operated like a personal bank account for Palin. The millions of dollars pulled in by gullible conservatives rarely go to meaningful political campaigns. Instead, the “fiscal conservative” uses the money to fund her lifestyle and promote her brand.

As political watchdog group Open Secrets noted in 2014:

What did SarahPAC spend most of its money on, then, in the third quarter? Many of the same consultants she has used all along — for speechwriting, fundraising, logistics and research. There’s even someone paid to consult on “coalitions.” Travel, presumably for Palin, is part of the equation; a PAC like this is useful for keeping a high profile nationally without having to pay those pesky airline and hotel tabs out of personal funds. And the PAC sent $10,885 to HarperCollins — publisher of all three of Palin’s books — for “books for donor fulfillment.” That wasn’t the only book purchase by the committee: A lump sum of $13,000 was listed as being spent for “lodging, SUV rental, books for donors.”

In other words, Palin’s SuperPAC is designed exclusively to (legally) steal money from conservatives hoping to get involved in the political process. Instead of using that money to fulfill her commitment, she spends it on “SUV rentals” and buying her own book in bulk to boost her sales. Now she says she needs more to keep up with Trump’s traveling circus.

In the interest of transparency, let’s consider what one would get should they decide to give Palin some traveling money:

  • In the brief time she’s officially endorsed Trump, she created what may go down in history as the greatest word salad ever uttered. (The last record? Also Palin.)

  • Then she no-showed her next scheduled event (possibly due to the fact that her son was recently arrested for brutally beating his girlfriend and then threatening to shoot himself with an AR-15).
  • Finally, she showed up to her next Trump event, only to go on an unhinged rant about how Obama had made her son have PTSD because he didn’t support the troops hard enough – or something? Honestly, it was a jumbled mess. It’s unclear if anyone knows exactly what Palin is talking about at any given time, you know, because she’s a maverick and all.

It’s been less than 24 hours…

Featured image: screengrab