This Bible Study Leader’s Crimes Against A 14-Year-Old Girl Will Make Your Skin Crawl (VIDEO)

Yet another victim of sexual abuse can thank a church for introducing her to her assailant. The Calvary Christian Church in Del City, Oklahoma was the scene of a brainwashing that led to more than 50 counts of sexual abuse charges against 45-year-old Donnie Ray Shultz.

Shultz, who has a history of sexual abuse, was allowed to volunteer to teach a class on church doctrine, in spite of his sordid past. While the class was supposed to be for adults, a spokesman said , “apparently some participated in the class before they were eighteen.”

In this case, four years before. Even though the church was aware of Shultz’s past when he joined 19 years ago, they are still “shocked” at the allegations. The girl told police that she had intercourse with Shultz 20-30 times and engaged in oral sex several times as well. Police are investigating Shultz for the possibility that there are other victims.

You have to wonder how things like this continue to happen. The Catholic church, plagued by arrests and lawsuits over molested altar boys, still manages to let a priest or two through the cracks every now and then. People like Josh Duggar, who consider themselves to be of a higher moral fiber than the rest of us because of his relationship with Jesus, astound us with incredible acts of hypocrisy that can somehow be explained away with “a moment of weakness” and set aside because with enough prayer God forgives you.

Does God sign some kind of a hall pass for depravity or is it merely implied?

This church in Oklahoma most likely allowed a sick individual with a past that told a tale of immorality to volunteer to teach a class because he “repented.” They say he wasn’t an employee and wasn’t paid for his work, but that certainly doesn’t excuse them or release them from liability for the hell an innocent 14-year-old girl went through because a serious lack of judgement.

Watch the news report, courtesy of KOCO, below:

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