One Of The Bundy Idiots Is A Very Dangerous Man Who Could Cause Them Serious Problems

When the Bundy Moron Militia first took over the Malheur Wildlife Refuge in Harney County, Oregon, Ammon Bundy put out the call for ‘Murican “patriots” to come and join the “fight.” In essence, a man who advocated for armed idiots to aim their assault rifles at federal agents because his father is a freeloading government leech called on the worst America has to offer to join him in doing it again, this time as aggressors.

His call was answered by the likes of Jon Ritzheimer, whose insatiable appetite for attention couldn’t resist and a slew of other unfavorable imbeciles who decided a patch of forest in Oregon was more important than their wives and children.

The Oregonian, a local publication that has been covering the occupation, has uncovered that (at least) one of the men who showed up isn’t just dangerous because he follows right-wing terrorists, he’s actually a convicted murderer:


Courtesy of the Oregonian

Niel Sigurd Wampler, circled above, was convicted in 1977 of the second degree murder of his own father at 29-years-old. After denying that he is the same Niel Sigurd Wampler that the Oregonian uncovered a murder conviction on, they confirmed his identity from his unusual name and a matching date of birth as well as a positive ID from a former prison guard who remembered him from when he was locked up.

The details of the murder reveal an extremely disturbed individual. According to court records, Wampler killed his father while was sleeping by clubbing him in the head with an 18-inch steel eye bolt while he was in bed. Wampler apparently called the police and told them, “I have just killed my father.”

The leaders of the Bundy Bunch have distanced themselves from Wampler, denying that they know who he is, but as you can see from the picture above, he’s been out and about and in plain view, often seen talking to other terrorists as well as the press.

Wampler was also one of the men who appeared at the Bundy Ranch incident in Nevada, where The Las Vegas Review-Journal quoted him saying, “I myself am willing to be shot and killed for constitutional rights and principles.” He was also present at the Sugar Pine Mine confrontation last year in southern Oregon. For the leaders of the terrorists to refuse to acknowledge shows a great deal about his character, or lack thereof.

That poses an interesting question: How is a man who is a convicted felon part of an armed occupation? According to a spokesman from Wampler’s home town of San Luis Obispo, California, Wampler is forbidden from owning or possessing a firearm due to his felony murder conviction. When asked by the Oregonian if he was armed, he answered, “Oh, yes,” but refused to show his weapon.

The serious problem this man poses is that if it is confirmed that he is or has been carrying a weapon in violation of Oregon law, will law enforcement continue to allow him to walk free? We’re not talking about just guns here, either. Oregon law prohibits a convicted murderer from possessing “any instrument or weapon having a blade that projects or swings into position by force of a spring or by centrifugal force or any blackjack, slingshot, sandclub, sandbag, sap glove, metal knuckles or an Electro-Muscular Disruption Technology device (taser), or who carries a dirk, dagger or stiletto.”

There is a 15-year statute of limitations for those laws, unless the felon in question was convicted of murder. There’s no word yet from law enforcement about action against a particular individual at the refuge, but clearly this man, who admitted to being armed, poses a direct threat not only to the local, state and federal agents he comes in contact with but also to the press covering the stupidity and the children the terrorists are using as a shield.

Things just keep getting worse. Not only for the Bundy Terrorists but for the entire right-wing extremist movement in general.

Featured image via the Oregonian