Watch Stephen Colbert’s Hilarious Response To Sarah Palin’s Crazy Speeches (VIDEO)

No one is happier to see Sarah Palin back in the news than Stephen Colbert. Following the former Alaska governor’s endorsement of Donald Trump for the Republican nomination, Colbert now has plenty of material to make fun of the woman he called “the original material girl.”

“God I have missed you. It’s like a magical eagle made a wish on a flag pin and it came to life,” Colbert said of Palin’s reappearance. “Which is great, for me,” he said, “because while Trump, admittedly, has given me so much material to make jokes about, nobody compares to the original material girl.”

Colbert played some of Palin’s so-called “greatest hits,” referring to bizarre statements Palin made about “community organizer” Obama, “drill, baby, drill” and “we’re gonna kick ISIS’s ass!” Colbert said:

“Sarah Palin just guaranteed Donald Trump the Evangelical vote, because I think she was speaking in tongues!”

While Donald Trump has been a frequent target of Colbert, no one has come close to the original “material girl.” Palin was a primary target of Colbert’s during his 10-year run of his Colbert Report on Comedy Central.

There’s truly lots to make fun of. It seems that Palin has gone off the deep end lately more so than ever before. She even had the nerve to blame the president for her son’s delinquency and her rambling speeches give a clear impression of someone that doesn’t seem to have things together.

In any case, Trump, who apparently is excited about Palin’s endorsement, said that he would have a position for her in his administration, possibly vice president. It all sounds quite frightening. But for now let’s laugh at these two.

Featured image via YouTube screenshot