Cruz Campaign Donates Water To Flint–But Only To People Who Qualify For Their ‘Generosity’

Ted Cruz is fast approaching Donald Trump as the most hated man in America. As GOP insiders and long-time public figures denounce Cruz as someone nobody in congress would work with, he continues to take his campaign in directions that guarantee that Democrats and Independents will despise him even more. Apparently, Cruz thinks he can get elected with the votes of the extreme-right only, which is where his platform is and will always be directed.

In what may be the worst case of discrimination and idiocy ever by a presidential campaign, Ted Cruz 2016 donated an undisclosed amount of bottled water to residents of Flint, restricting their “generosity” to people with the “right” frame of mind. Cruz’s campaign staff took to the streets to get much-needed water to those working and visiting the fraudulent “pregnancy crisis centers” that dupe women into believing they’re going to receive medical advice and treatment but are instead cornered and fed anti-abortion rhetoric and religious indoctrination.

Cruz’s Michigan state campaign director, Wendy Lynn Day, announced in a Facebook post begging for donations that the campaign had worked with anti-abortion group Flint Right to Life to coordinate this absolutely idiotic and ridiculously ignorant plan.  The water is for “expecting moms and moms of little ones.”

The “pro-life values” of Senator Cruz apparently include denying children who have already been exposed to massive amounts of lead from Republican incompetence water they so desperately need because their parents aren’t currently seeking anti-choice counseling from a place where zealots wear lab coats to make people think they’re physicians.

The malfunctioning moral platitudes of these people are astounding. While most of the GOP field feigns ignorance to an issue they want nothing to do with, Cruz 2016 has taken a proactive role in alienating an entire city in the middle of a crisis unless they conform to the beliefs of Ted Cruz.

Pro-life” Ted Cruz, who thinks carpet bombing whole villages full of innocent people is OK as long as you kill some terrorists along the way, hasn’t personally commented on the issue, but his campaign works directly on his behalf.

Certainly the several people who work at these madhouses are appreciative of the clean water donations while tens of thousands of others line up to receive actual charity from people who care about the already born.

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