Pearl Jam Just Donated An Unbelievable Amount Of Money To Help Flint, Michigan’s People

Cher may have gotten in early on giving mega donations to the people of Flint, Michigan, but Pearl Jam is about make the largest donation by a celebrity by far. The Detroit News reports that the band has teamed up with other partners to donate $300,000 to the people of Flint.

The Detroit News breaks down where the money is coming from:

“On Friday, the rock band pledged $125,000 to the United Way of Genesee County, according to a release from the band’s management. Additionally, a network of the group’s friends and partners — including Live Nation, the group’s record label Republic Records, Universal Music Publishing Group, William Morris Endeavor Entertainment, Glaser Progress Foundation, Brandi Carlile’s Looking Out Foundation and the group’s one-time foes Ticketmaster — chipped in an additional $175,000, bringing the total donation to $300,000.”

The band explains how the money that gets donated will be spent. Their Crowdrise page reads:

“Monetary donations will first be used for the purchase of water filters, bottled water, emergency support services and prevention efforts in Flint, Michigan. After the short-term need of Flint residents has been met, any remaining funds will be directed to the Flint Child Health and Development Fund.  This fund will provide aid to children and families with interventions that support positive health outcomes.

100% of donated funds are used for Flint community projects and no administrative fee is assessed.”

Wow, this is just amazing. It’s always nice to see famous artists use their fame for a good cause. The people of Flint, Michigan are in desperate need right now, and celebrities are really doing a great job of helping to rally support for the cause.

Featured Image Courtesy: Crowd Rise & Twitter