Oops: Ammosexual Playing With Gun During Benghazi Movie Shoots Woman (VIDEO)

Thinking about going to the movies? You might want to avoid 13 Hours: The Secret Soldiers of Benghazi, and not just because of the film’s poor reviews.

In case it’s not obvious from the title, the film was created in hopes of drawing in a crowd of delusional right-wing nuts, whose hatred for Hillary Clinton is only surpassed by their passionate love for firearms. In that respect, at least, the film seems to have done what it set out to do.

To illustrate the point, on January 21, as the Benghazi film flickered on the screen, a drunken ammosexual playing with his substitute penis handgun while seated in The Landing Cinema in Renton, Washington, ‘accidentally’ shot the woman sitting in front of him.

According to Renton police:

“Preliminary accounts indicate that an intoxicated suspect entered one of the theaters and was fumbling with a handgun he had in his possession when it went off, striking another patron seated in front of him.”

The victim was rushed to Harborview Medical Center, where she was listed in critical condition.

The unidentified 29-year-old shooter ran out of the building, likely fearing a theater jammed full of ‘good guys with guns,’ locked, loaded and ready to fire at anything moving in the darkened cinema.

David Grushke, who was in the theater at the time of the shooting, described the shooting to KOMO News in Seattle, saying:

“There was a gunshot and we thought it was a light bulb exploding in the theater, so no one really reacted.”

Grushke said by the time he and other patrons realized that the woman was shot, the shooter was already disappearing through the exit.

Grushke told KOMO News that it appeared the woman had been shot in the upper chest.

The shooter’s father later turned him into the police. He was arrested at his family’s home in Newcastle.

Considering how badly this incident might have turned out, the fact that only one person was shot, and no one was killed, seems almost fortunate.

Here’s more on the story from KING5.

Featured image credit: video screen capture KING5