Pathetic: Jeb Bush Gets His Mommy To Take On Bully Donald Trump (VIDEO)

One of the hallmarks about Jeb Bush’s failing presidential campaign has been just how pathetic it has turned out to be. His latest campaign ad won’t help that perception of the Republican once spoken about as a shoo-in for the nomination.

The ad features Jeb Bush’s mother, Barbara Bush, and she takes a swipe at Donald Trump.

The former first lady says Jeb Bush wants to be president for the right reasons, unlike some other candidates in the field.

“Rather than talking about how popular they are or how great they are, he’s doing it because he sees a huge need and it’s not being filled by anybody,” Mrs. Bush says, likely referring to Trump, the GOP front-runner.

After months of being depicted as out of touch and a wimp, it probably won’t help to have your mother now fight your battles for you. It’s an approach that is sure to attract the derision of Donald Trump and other, more pugilistic Republicans.

It has been startling how the Bush campaign and its affiliated super PAC has made so many mistakes throughout their campaign. Starting with a candidate with very strong name recognition and a $100 million-plus war chest that reportedly scared off a campaign from Mitt Romney, by this point Bush was supposed to be on the verge of accepting the nomination.

Instead, he is polling in single digits, behind Trump and Cruz. He’s served as the poster boy for the impotent Republican establishment, while his super PAC has been lighting money on fire on things like nonsensical ads making fun of Marco Rubio’s boots.

Bush himself has been a dud of a candidate, leading some to comment on how his brother and father seem to have had far more natural political talent. Bush has been awkward on the campaign trail, showing quirks more often associated with a political rookie rather than someone elected to govern in a populous state like Florida.

Featured image via YouTube