Bundy Terrorist Dragged His Little Girls Out Of School To Serve As Human Shields In Oregon Standoff

What kind of man would pull his daughters from the safety of their school and place them in the middle of an armed standoff? A Bundy terrorist.

On January 2nd, Ammon Bundy and his deranged band of gun-toting marauders seized the Malheur National Wildlife Refuge in an effort to force the federal government to release two idiot ranchers who illegally set fire to federal land. The pair were sentenced to five years in prison, which is the mandatory sentence for such a crime.

Of course, Bundy and others who dare to call themselves a “militia” decided to takeover the wildlife refuge in protest and are hoping to spark a war with federal law enforcement. But they arrived abysmally unprepared and began begging the public to send them supplies to aid in their lawbreaking, which thus far includes treason, domestic terrorism, illegally carrying firearms on federal property, property damage, threatening law enforcement, disturbing Native American artifacts, and being total douchebags.

And now we can add child endangerment and abuse to the growing list.

According to Oregon Public Broadcasting, a terrorist within Bundy’s camp actually pulled his little girls, 8 and 9 years of age, out of their school and brought them to the wildlife refuge:

OPB is not naming the kids, nor their parents, to protect the identity of the children, but the mother and father are active and vocal militants in the armed occupation. Both parents have been involved in the incident since its start Jan. 2.

The children were visible inside one of the buildings Thursday evening. One of the little girls asked to come outside by a campfire but was not allowed. The kids were also seen playing and wrestling together in a hallway in their pajamas.

The kids are from out of state and have been at the refuge since early this week. They spend most of their time out of sight of reporters and visitors.

So these little girls have basically been held hostage for the last three weeks and have not been allowed outside all this time. They are surrounded by loaded firearms and by assholes of questionable character.They have also missed significant school time and they probably aren’t receiving proper nourishment either. And as you’ll recall, the last time the Bundys had a little standoff with federal law enforcement, they were cowardly and used women and children as human shields.

This is child endangerment and abuse and it’s time to arrest these monsters before something terrible happens to these little girls. Federal authorities have allowed this dog and pony show go on long enough and we all know that if this were an armed group of Muslims or black men, there would be no hesitation to shoot them on site whether they are armed or not. But for some reason, these white rednecks have been given free reign while the Justice Department looks the other way. Two little girls are being forced to stand in the crossfire while Ammon Bundy gets to come and go as he pleases.

Enough is enough. Bundy and his minions have had their fun. Now it’s time for them to face the consequences of their stupidity.

Featured image: Babble