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That Constitution The Bundy Terrorists Tote Around Is A Perverted Version Of The Real Thing (VIDEO)

You may have seen the pocket version of the United States Constitution the Bundy Bunch carries around. The distinctive picture of George Washington on the cover is a clear giveaway that not only do these imbeciles not understand the laws of our land, they rely on the interpretations of a man whose thoughts on the hallowed document have been compared to “a warm bucket of spit.”

It’s a convenient version for the right-wing terrorist; it retains the original spelling and punctuation from the 18th century, leaving it completely intact and just the way they like it. Read between the lines, however, and you’ll find the thoughts and analysis of a man who once called President Eisenhower a Soviet agent. His name is W. Cleon Skousen, once referred to by TIME Magazine as “an exemplar of the right-wing ultras.”

Skousen’s commentary has long been mocked as an attempt to connect the constitution to religion, making it a favorite among zealots and meatheads like the Oregon “patriots.” It holds dear the idea that America was founded as a “Christian Nation” and includes such revolutionary insights as this:

No Constitutional authority exists for the federal government to participate in charity or welfare.

-W. Cleon Skousen

It’s not only his own thoughts added that make Skousen’s pamphlet such a perversion of the actual constitution but the thoughts of some of the founders themselves, taken completely out of context and used as talking points to sell a disturbing message. For example, John Adams, who said, ““Our Constitution was made only for a moral and religious people,” was taken from a letter to militia intended to see them do more good deeds for the people.

The pamphlet, available for 35 cents, has zero respect in the educated world. Scholars have repudiated its teachings for decades and its author ended up dying in obscurity without ever achieving his goal of convincing people who government was of the people, by the people, and for God.

Ammon Bundy, who has been photographed both at the current occupation and at the Bundy “ranch” incident in 2014, had the principles of the Skousen Constitution ingrained in him by his father, Cliven Bundy, who told the LA Times:

“It’s something I’ve always shared with everybody and I carry it with me all the time. That’s where I get most of my information from. What we’re trying to do is teach the true principles of the proper form of government.”

The proper form of government is apparently one discredited right-wing nutjob’s distorted views of a document that has been proven time and time again to have nothing to do with religion. The modern conservative just loves it, however, because it embodies everything they believe in. With the Skousen atrocity of critical thought in their pockets, they are prepared to do whatever it takes to see that they can do whatever they want while denying actual constitutional rights to people who disagree with them.

The terrorists in Oregon have decided to use one very specific portion of the pamphlet that pertains to “The Enclave Clause,” which they believe means that the federal government cannot own land. They believe that because it says it, right there in black in white, in the one and only Skousen mockery of the constitution.

Here’s Bundy Buffoon Jon Ritzheimer, making a ridiculous argument for the Enclave Clause, which he clearly doesn’t understand, while holding his very own copy of this perverted pamphlet:


You can read about the ACTUAL meaning of the Enclave Clause HERE.

It’s absolutely amazing that so many people have decided to be influenced by one discredited man’s interpretation of a document that is over 200 years old. While this is America and everyone is entitled to their opinion, Article 3 Section 2 pretty clearly reserves the right to decide matters of law and equity arising under the Constitution to the Supreme Court, who typically (though not always) rely on a couple of centuries of precedent, not the opinion of one asshole, to make their decisions. They sit in a really big building in Washington DC that is most definitely owned by the federal government.

The bottom line is, these people have been seriously misguided by a strange and lonely man whose views have been circulated among extremists and laughed at by scholars since the 1960s.

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