This Brutal Ad Exposes Donald Trump For Every Liberal Position He’s Ever Had (VIDEO)

An anti-Trump Super PAC has just released a new attack ad highlighting just how untrustworthy and flip-floppy the GOP presidential candidate has become over the years. It turns out that historically, the business mogul has supported more liberal positions than conservative ones.

The main purpose of the ad was to get Americans to open their eyes and ask themselves, “How much do we really know about Donald Trump?” The ad was released by Our Principles PAC, which was founded by Katie Packer, a deputy campaign manager on Mitt Romney’s 2012 presidential campaign. Packer told Politico:

“Our Principles PAC has focused on conservative principles and ensuring that voters have the necessary information to make a wise decision on Election Day.”

The ad contains back-to-back footage of Trump supporting Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton and praising President Barack Obama, while backing conservative no-nos like universal healthcare and abortion. In one part of the ad, Trump admits that he leans more toward the Democrat party and even says that “Republicans are just too crazy right.”

At the end of the ad, the text reads, “With a record like this, how can we trust Donald Trump?” Hillary Clinton’s voice is also heard, saying that Trump is “basically a Democrat.” She says:

“He was basically a Democrat and he was supportive of Democrats. He was supportive of a lot of the causes that I cared about and people I knew cared about.”

This anti-Trump video is called “The Trump Tapes: Vol. 1,” which we hope means that the Super PAC plans to release more soon.

Many people are aware that Trump has made some of these statements, but seeing all of this footage together really drives the message home. The fact that it came from conservatives makes it even better.



Our Principles Super PAC has also created an accompanying website to the attack ads, called, which is worth checking out – it’s full of articles that highlight just how dishonest the current Republican front-runner really is.

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