Donald Trump Promises ‘Christianity Will Have Power’ If He Becomes President

We all know how much conservatives love to whine about how persecuted they are for their mainstream beliefs, and continue promoting their completely skewed perception of what it’s really like to be discriminated against.

On Saturday during a speech in Iowa, Republican presidential front-runner Donald Trump revisited his previous comments where he’d proposed that all Muslims be banned from coming into the United States, offering up a completely out of touch alternative scenario. Trump actually had the audacity to say that he would have had “less difficulty” if he had suggested a ban on Christians from coming into America instead of Muslims! The business mogul said to his audience at Dordt College, a Christian school:

“If I said that about Christians, and if I said ‘banned,’ I’m telling you I would have had less difficulty. And that’s pretty sad, because we’re Christians. I’m Protestant. I’m Presbyterian.”

Trump’s faith has been questioned before – especially since he’d recently said he doesn’t like asking God for forgiveness. Now doing damage control, he’s embracing the religious right full force. He said:

“I’m a true believer. And you’re many true believers — I hope all — is everybody a true believer in this room? I think so. But Christianity is under tremendous siege.”

The Donald also lamented that Christians weren’t using their full power and political influence in the United States – and that they should step it up. The nonsense he’s spewing is actually pretty terrifying:

“The power of our group of people together, I mean, if you add it up … it could be 240, 250 million. And yet we don’t exert the power that we should have. Now, I think some of the churches are afraid of their tax status, to be honest.

But you know the fact is that there is nothing the politicians can do to you if you band together. You have too much power. But the Christians don’t use their power. We have to strengthen. Because we are getting — if you look, it’s death by a million cuts — we are getting less and less and less powerful in terms of a religion, and in terms of a force.”

Trump pulled out all of the stops, even touching on one of the far-right’s biggest religion-based complaints – the supposed ‘War On Christmas’. Complaining that big department stores were not using “Merry Christmas” during the holiday season, he said:

“When they don’t want to say ‘merry Christmas’ in department stores anymore. I won’t shop at places that don’t say ‘merry Christmas.’ Guess what? I don’t too much shopping. No, no, it’s true. When I see these stores, and they have a red wall and they have nothing on it. They don’t want to say ‘merry Christmas’ anymore. I say, ‘Why don’t you say merry Christmas?'”

“I’ll tell you one thing: I get elected president, we’re going to be saying ‘merry Christmas’ again. Just remember that. And by the way, Christianity will have power, without having to form.”

And as if Trump being president wasn’t terrifying enough, his promise to giving Christians more power should have everyone running out to the polls to prevent this nightmare from actually happening. He added:

“Because if I’m there, you’re going to have plenty of power. You don’t need anybody else. You’re going to have somebody representing you very, very well. Remember that.”

Featured image via Gage Skidmore