Elizabeth Warren Blasts The Entire U.S. Congress For Their Corruption (VIDEO)

On the sixth year anniversary of the Supreme Court’s Citizens United v. FEC¬†decision that granted billionaires, millionaires, and special interests the ability to essentially buy U.S. elections by donating virtually unlimited amounts of money to superPACs, Elizabeth Warren wanted to make a statement, and it wasn’t pretty. She not only blasted the Supreme Court for the decision, but the entire U.S. Congress, as well. This is what we’ve come to expect and love Senator Warren for, and she didn’t disappoint. It was brutal, to say the least.

Here is what she had to say, in part:

“Six years ago today the Supreme Court overturned a century of established law. And, in doing so, unleashed a secret flow of corporate money into our political system. The Supreme Court created a big problem, but that does not mean anyone with any integrity must just roll over and play dead. No, it is time to fight back.

This Congress doesn’t lack for workable ideas for how to root out the influence of money in politics, this Congress just lacks a spine to do it!”

Here’s Senator Warren telling the U.S. Congress they have no spine:

Watch the entire speech here:

Senator Elizabeth Warren goes Bernie Sanders on Congress.

U.S. Senator Elizabeth Warren just opened a can of whoop ass on the floor of the Senate today.Listen to her scathing remarks as she calls out Congress, the Supreme Court and most of Washington D.C on campaign finance..Notice how she ends with a comment about the Presidential Elections. Warren does have the courage to stand up to the super wealthy. Would you be excited if Senator Warren was Bernie Sanders choice for Vice President?

Posted by Viva Bernie 2016 on Thursday, January 21, 2016

She called on Congress to pass three measures to end this none sense once and for all:

Pass The Fair Elections Now Act.

“This will create public funding for congressional elections matching the contributions of small donors so working families would have a louder voice and begin to compete with the rich and powerful. This is a bi-partisan solution, at least outside of Washington. According to a recent poll, Democrats and Republicans both agreed strongly with the idea of citizen-funded elections. 72 percent of Democrats and 62 percent of Republicans said YES.”

This bill was first introduced by Senator Richard Durbin (D-IL) back in 2014. As you may very well know by now, no actions have been taken on it. Take a look, HERE.

Pass the Disclose Act.

“(This will) force super PACs out of the shadow and make them tell us where the money comes from. 91 percent of Democrats and 91 percent of Republicans agree they need to disclose the source of their funding.”

This was re-introduced by Rep. Chris Van Hollen (MD-D) in January 2015 and referred to the Subcommittee on the Constitution and Civil Justice back on 2/5/2012. Since then, as you might be able to guess, nothing has been done with it. Take a look, HERE.

Pass the Shareholder Protection Act.

“To force companies to tell their shareholders how much money they’re giving to politicans and which politicians they’re giving it to. This is the shareholders money and they have a right to know how it’s spent. And, if they don’t like how the money is being spent, they can put somebody else in charge.”

This bill was re-introduced, as well, by Senator Robert Menendez (D-NJ) also in January 2015. It was read only twice where it has since collected nothing but dust. Take a look, HERE.

She really ended up giving seven ideas, including a constitutional amendment to solve the problem, but summed up the majority of her comments on those first three.¬†Senator Warren decided to speak up on the anniversary of Citizens United because the majority of Congress just doesn’t seem to care, and for that we thank her. If anything like this is ever going to get passed, the people will need to DEMAND it.

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