WATCH Tina Fey’s Triumphant Return To SNL As Crazy Sarah Palin Endorsing Trump

Tina Fey once again took on Sarah Palin on Saturday Night Live, and as always, it was a gutbuster.

Fey opened the January 23 edition of the comedy show with the “cold open,” appearing as Palin next to Darrell Hammond’s always-on-point rendition of Donald Trump. The two were re-enacting Palin’s bizarre endorsement of Trump from earlier in the week.

Introducing her, Trump said, “I hope nobody’s allergic to nuts, because we got a big one here.”

Palin then launched into a monologue eerily reminiscent of the real thing, freestyle rhyming about the Americans she supposedly is representing as part of the Trump trainwreck.

Palin explained, “I belong in [Trump’s] cabinet. ‘Cause I’m full of spice, and I’ve got a great rack.”

In a moment made for social media, Fey/Palin also spoke in tongues, shooting off her finger guns:

Speaking for most of America, Trump noted, “She’s crazy, isn’t she?”

Fey of course also appeared in a version of Palin’s blinding blouse from the event, and many observers on social media pointed out that in addition to the shocking visual similarity between the two women, Fey had once again nailed Palin’s accent and bizarre language.

In 2008, Fey’s impression of Palin set the comedy world on fire and SNL’s ratings skyrocketed. The failed vice presidential candidate and half-term governor was repeatedly a source of material for the premiere satirical program in America, with her assertion that she read “all” of the media, and that Alaska provided a vantage point for oversight of Russia’s Vladimir Putin.

Palin recently tried to return the favor, appearing as Fey in a sketch for a conservative website, but despite the visual similarities, the skit mostly fell flat. Instead of going for the joke, as Fey has on SNL, Palin chose to promote a political message about “political correctness” and “safe spaces.”

Featured image via Twitter