Bundy Militant Vows To Die In Gunfight With Feds: ‘You Guys Are Going To Watch Me Die LIVE’ (VIDEO)

Many of the terrorists who were participating in the armed occupation of a federal bird sanctuary in Oregon turned tail and fled after the FBI arrested their leaders and fellow “freedom fighters,” killing the spokesman for the group of heavily-armed right-wing extremists, “Tarp Man” LaVoy Finicum, as he opened fire on law enforcement.

Arrested were leaders Ryan and Ammon Bundy, right-wing internet radio host Pete Santilli,  Brian Cavalier, Shawna Cox and Ryan Payne, John Ritzheimer (who had fled home shortly before the crackdown to visit his family), and Joseph O’Shaugnessy. Authorities say that everyone but Ryan Bundy and LaVoy Finicum cooperated. Bundy suffered a minor gunshot wound, and Finicum lost his life for his cause — something he recently said he would do rather than allow himself to be arrested.

However, there were some who stayed behind to “defend” — whatever the hell it is they think they are defending.

One of those men, an ISIS supporter who joined the Bundy clan as their “resident IT guy,” decided to livestream from within the Bundy “militia” compound. David Fry confirmed that children had, indeed, been removed from Malheur National Wildlife Refuge. This is a good thing because of what he said next.

“Looks like this is it. This is gonna be the final stand here guys,” Fry says, asking people in the chat to say “Happy America.” His mood was joyful as he spoke of dying in a blaze of gunfire. Fry explains that the holdouts are surrounded and that a lot of the “rest of the guys” had “tucked tail and ran.”

“We’re not here to fight guys, we’re here to defend,” he says to his audience. “I’m defending my base. This is our base.” During the stream, some of his militants told their families they loved them and said goodbye, with one asking that viewers “tell my daughter why I died.” Fry turns the camera on himself:

“We died fighting for our Constitution. The law of liberty.”

“You guys think this is fake? You guys think this is fake? Here’s me, here’s ‘ISIS boy,’ here’s uh, ‘Hitler acolyte,’ and you guys missed it. They were actually calling me a Satan worshipper not too long ago. So I got called every name out there, and here I am — I’m all boogied out and ready to go, and you guys are going to watch me die live.”

The feed cut out, but his threats seemed very honest — and he was loving every minute of it.

Watch the chilling statement below:

Featured image via screengrab