‘Christian’ Dad Beat Daughter With Frozen Bacon While Quoting Bible — For Jesus

It’s always amazing how many folks who claim to be Christians are exactly nothing like Jesus. On Tuesday, an 11-year-old Michigan girl burst into tears intermittently as she testified in court that her father, 45-year-old Jonathan A. Powell,  beat her with frozen bacon as he quoted the Bible.

In January, the girl and her sister went to stay with Powell at his home for the weekend when her father, for one reason or another, decided to dish out some good, old-fashioned Biblical punishment.

“He was hitting me with his elbows, his upper arms, and his hands,” the girl said while describing an assault that began in the kitchen, adding she didn’t know why he had decided to beat her Her father pulled bacon from the freezer and began hitting her over the head with it:

“He was hitting me with frozen bacon and he was pushing me back and I fell right over the dishwater. I broke it. He was just yelling that the dishwasher was broken.”

The girl retreated to the bedroom, but the assault continued:

“I ran over to my room and my sister was asking me what was wrong. I was in my room for a while. I heard him swearing, saying, ‘You B-word, you broke my dishwasher.'”

Her father began banging on her door, the girl recalled as she burst into tears. She explained that Powell entered her room and pulled on the bed, causing her to hit her head on the wall. He then “threw a tantrum” and began hitting her with his hands and arms, bloodying her nose. This new assault, which lasted approximately 10 minutes, was justified with the Bible:

“He said, ‘It’s OK to do that, it’s from the Bible — if you spare the rod, you spoil the child.’ He just said that.”

Or, in this case, “bacon” rather than “the rod.”

She says she then texted her mother and let her know she wanted to go home early, but Powell refused to take her home until she finally told her mother what had been done to her. The mother contacted the police, who took photographs that showed injuries to the side of her face.

Powell is charged with one count of third-degree child abuse, for which he faces up to two years in prison — where he’ll have plenty of time to pray about what he did.

Featured image via Michigan Live