Tenn Republican Flips Out, Calls Female Reporter A ‘B*tch’ Over A Taxpayer Funded $614 Picture Frame

A Tennessee Republican has quit his job after he flipped out on a reporter who wanted to know why he was spending taxpayer money on lavish treats for himself.

Ron Buchanan, the GOP election commission chair for Davidson County had a run in with WSMV-TV reporter Alanna Autler, last Friday. The reporter asked him to explain a $123 dollar charge for a dinner in Nashville last June. Buchanan, clearly not happy that he was being called out for his spending said,”That charge was for a business meeting to discuss the budget on June 30 when the budget was approved July 1 and it was a very legitimate purchase.”

Autler asked him why he didn’t go to a less expensive restaurant and he replied,”That’s it,” and started to walk away. Unperturbed by his briskness, the reporter asked about a large picture frame that was bought with the county credit card:

“Can you explain the picture frame that was $614?”

This is when the Republican got really pissed off and responded by calling her a vulgar name:

“That’s it. That’s exactly the b*tch I thought you would be.”

Autler asked him to repeat himself,”You want to say that again, Mr. Buchanan?” When she asks him that, a commission spokesperson gets in between the two.  She asks,“Do not touch me. Do you want to say that again for the camera?”

Buchanan then storms into another room to get away from her. After the interview was aired the Republican “apologized,” but not really:

“I should not have used that terminology, but as the media has the freedom of press, individuals have the freedom of speech. And I can tell her what I think about her. And I did that, and I don’t apologize for it. There are people that don’t think I should have done it and that it hurts politics in this area, and so be it.”

The irresponsible, abusive man resigned shortly after and Nashville Mayor Megan Barry (D) has revoked the county credit card until an audit can be performed.

Republicans pride themselves on their fictional “fiscal conservatism,” so it’s always amusing when they are exposed for the liars that they really are. This jackhole was so angry that he was called out for his exorbitant spending that he had an on camera temper tantrum. It reminds me of when congressional Republicans complain about social programs while funneling trillions of dollars into the military industrial complex. It’s obvious that the GOP sucks at governing on EVERY level.

Watch the interview:

Featured image via video screenshot