Ted Cruz Was Snubbed For A Job In The Dubya Administration–You’re Gonna LOVE The Reason

It’s no secret that nobody likes Ted Cruz.. He’s an arrogant, self-important elitist who believes he speaks for God himself. His face is one of the most punchable on the planet and his screechy voice makes you cringe with disgust. When he starts on one of his “righteous” rants you can’t help but hope a light fixture falls on his head, leaving him forever incapable of speaking.

Donald Trump wasn’t kidding when he said that everyone in congress hates Ted Cruz. Cruz refuses to deal or compromise within his own party, nevermind across the aisle. A Cruz presidency would be nothing short of a disaster for this country.

That’s today’s perspective. Today, we know all about the whiny toddler that is Ted Cruz. But what about his past? Is he somehow new to the idea of being hated? According to an article in Mother Jones, apparently not:

A prominent aide to George W. Bush’s 2000 campaign could barely contain himself when we asked him to discuss Cruz, who worked in the campaign’s policy shop. This person described Cruz as hyper-arrogant and widely despised, and he emphasized—over and over—that the pervasive dislike of Cruz within the Bush ranks had nothing to do with ideology. (Cruz, he noted, never objected to Bush’s call for compassionate conservatism, immigration reform, and national education standards, and no one on the campaign regarded him as an ideologue.) The problem was simple: his personality.

So before Ted Cruz took on the role of ultra-conservative nutbar teahadist, he was a moderate conservative inside the Bush/Cheney 2000 campaign. As the aide inside the campaign tells it, Cruz isn’t just a big jerk now, he was a big jerk then:

“Ted thought he was an expert on everything,” says this campaign veteran, who asked not to be named. “He was a smart and talented guy, but completely taken with himself and his own ideas. He would offer up opinions on everything, even matters outside his portfolio. He was a policy guy, but he would push his ideas on campaign strategy. He would send memos on everything to everyone. He would come to meetings where he wasn’t invited—and wasn’t wanted.”

He sounds a lot like that guy who shows up for the neighborhood cookout uninvited with a tin full of liver and onions and a six-pack for himself. Apparently, the best way to end a meeting was for Ted to walk in. “People wouldn’t go to a meeting if they knew he would be there,” said the aide, “It was his inability to be part of the team. That’s exactly what he was: a big a**hole.”

Well isn’t that enlightening. Ted Cruz isn’t just an a**hole, he’s ALWAYS been an a**hole. His complete lack of personality and inability to maintain personal relationships came back to bite him, however, when he was denied a job in Bush’s administration.. Nobody wanted to work with him. Imagine that.

Ted Cruz took off for Texas where he could find the most ignorant constituents to pander to, managing to get himself elected on a Tea Party platform of stupidity and zealotry. Since Tea Partiers don’t really count ass “people” per se, it’s safe to say that Ted Cruz just might go down in history as the most hated man in history.

Featured image from Gage Skidmore