Elizabeth Warren Calls Out ‘EVERY SINGLE’ House Republican For ‘SHAMEFUL’ Vote (VIDEO)

If you need reassurance that someone is truly fighting for your best interests in Congress, look no further than Senator Elizabeth Warren (D-MA). She has been fighting for justice for the American people against a corrupt financial system since before she even took office. She is a champion for the unheard American voice that all too often gets drowned out by corporate cash and lobbying efforts from big banks.

Republicans, of course, fall in line behind these lobbyists and take what they can get. They then turn around and vote in favor of those who crashed our economy rather than those who elected them into office – the people.

No greater example of this is than what just happened on the floor of the House of Representatives. A vote was taken (HR766) to let fraudulent bankers off the hook and make it harder for them to be investigated and held accountable. Take a guess how Republicans responded…

Warren did NOT hold back in her disgust of what was happening before our very eyes:

So she urged everyone to tell Congress to hold Wall Street accountable and vote ‘NO’:

And this is how House Republicans responded:

It is remarkably shameful, corrupt and disgusting. Thank goodness for voices like Senator Warren and Senator Sanders for being in the Senate to call these corrupt politicians out and shine a huge spotlight on where Republican loyalties truly are. To know we live in a nation where people of color are locked up for minor offenses or even killed where they stand, but these corrupt bankers are allowed to destroy our economy as well as people’s lives and not be held accountable is beyond shameful, it’s reprehensible. Thank you for fighting for us, Senator Warren. Thank you.

Video/Featured image: YouTube