Hyperventilating Christians Freak Out Over Ban On Prayer At Phoenix City Council Meetings (VIDEO)

The Satanic Temple just forced a total shutdown of all prayer at Phoenix City Council meetings, by requesting that they also be allowed to offer prayers at the start of meetings like their Christian counterparts.

Phoenix lawmakers have been trying to figure out what to do regarding the request for weeks. They couldn’t allow all prayer, because it would have meant they supported Satanists in some people’s minds. They couldn’t allow only Christian prayer, due to inevitable lawsuits, so ultimately they came to what shouldn’t be – but is – a very controversial solution: Banning prayer completely from the meetings.

Lawmakers decided in a 5-4 vote that council meetings will now begin with a moment of silence instead of a Christian prayer. The moment of silence is intended to allow individuals to pray to whatever god is their personal choice, and leaves it out of the public domain completely. This is a pretty reasonable solution, since there isn’t to be any mingling of church and state. However, these are red state Christian extremists we are talking about. Their struggle is REAL.

The objections have been emotional, loud and generally ignorant. Christians are pushing for their right to pray, but they don’t seem to understand the fact they can’t allow their prayers while banning others. The Phoenix council had an option of either allowing the alternate prayers, or banning them while facing a First Amendment-based lawsuit that is practically a guaranteed loss for them. They chose a third option of banning all prayer (the best option) completely. Now they are being threatened with even more lawsuits from Christians that want to insert religion into government – as long as it’s only Christian religion.

The blubbering outcry by the Christian extremists is almost comical. Councilman Sal DiCiccio said:

“This is what that Satanist group wants. A moment of silence is basically a banning of prayer. It’s to agree to the Satanic goal to ban prayer.”

Yup, that’s it alright. They just let The Devil win! Actually, the Founding Fathers had the crazy idea to ban religion from public governance, but hey, facts don’t really matter when it comes to religion.

There were a great deal of gasps and clutching of pearls, but somehow Phoenix was not consumed by the desert in a massive sandstorm by the wrath of God. Frogs have chosen to not fall from the sky and the firstborn of Arizona are currently safe from the angel of death. Funny isn’t it, how Republicans claim America is a “Christian” nation, but the only ones who care about the Constitution are the atheists, agnostics, and Satanists these days.

Watch Christian outcry on the victory of Satan over Freedom below:

Featured image from video screen capture