REVEALED: One Of Hillary Clinton’s Goldman Sachs Speeches (VIDEO)

For weeks, if not months, if not decades, those trying to highlight Hillary’s connection to Wall Street have been focused on her relationship with Goldman Sachs and how much she was paid to speak for them. Transcripts of those speeches have also been requested. Well, here is one of those speeches.

Clinton can be seen here on October 22, 2014 speaking in front of a large Goldman Sachs audience. However, she’s not talking about giving them breaks or handouts or favors, she’s proving the case for women entrepreneurs. As much as Wall Street NEEDS to be reined in and made to pay their fair share in taxes as well as be properly regulated, we need to also remember that there can be some good that comes out of companies with a lot of money. Clinton, recognizing this, has been trying to help raise capital to support women in business. Which, in 2014, was looking to raise up to $600 million in support of female entrepreneurs.

This video, featuring Hillary making the case for women in business, which was before she decided to run for president, has the caption:

“The event featured a keynote address from former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton on the business case for empowering women to ensure future economic growth.”

Pretty evil, right? Probably just another backhanded scheme to… eh, enough of the conspiracy theories.

Clinton, during her speech stated:

“The work that we are doing is work that is absolutely essential for global economic growth.”

Followed by:

“There is no path forward that does not include the empowerment of women.”

As far as speaking fees, her fees were pretty standard for most any highly distinguished speaker, so when she responds with, “that’s what they offered” and being a former First Lady, Senator, and Secretary of State, it makes sense to pay her as much as they did, as obscene as that amount may seem.

Clinton was speaking on behalf of women worldwide and trying to open doors to accessible capital to start businesses and advance gender equity as well as economic equality.

Here’s her speech in full:


Video/Featured image from YouTube