The Right Celebrated Trayvon Martin’s Birthday…By Being Disgusting A-Holes (SCREENSHOTS)

The story of Trayvon Martin may be one of the saddest we as liberals have ever had to endure. Harassed and profiled because of the color of his skin, Trayvon was murdered by a man who had no business following him from a local store where he had just partaken in the nefarious business of purchasing an iced tea and some Skittles.

We then had to watch as his murderer, George The Animal Zimmerman, got off scot-free, only to lead a despicable life of domestic abuse and more weapons charges. As if that weren’t bad enough, we had to endure the gloating from the right-wingers, proud of their champion for murdering a teenage “thug” in cold blood because he defended himself against the man who was stalking him with a loaded gun.

Friday was Trayvon’s birthday. He would have been 21 years old. His life hadn’t yet begun, but because he was black and wearing a hoodie, he was fair game for a lunatic. When Trayvon’s birthday arrived we were reminded of the heinous crime that took his life for no reason as we saw memorials and tributes come across our newsfeeds. The right, being the insufferable a-holes that they are, couldn’t help but take yet another opportunity to gloat.

Ben Shapiro, big shot right-wing blogger for such “reputable” propaganda mills as Breitbart and The Daily Caller, decided to use his Twitter account to remind us of his official position in life as douchebag extraordinaire:

No, jackass. Trayvon would have turned 21 had he not been followed for no reason and accosted, forcing him to defend himself from an armed lunatic because he was guilty of walking while black.

John Nolte, another Breitbart loser, decided to join in the festivities of rubbing a family’s noses in the death of their loved one.:

Maybe if he had just been loft alone too walk home and watch some TV with his soft drink and candy, dumbasses like you wouldn’t be able to consider a complete tool like George Zimmerman “the right man.”

These idiots sparked a slew of sentiments from across the conservative world, each more disgusting than the last. Here’s the perfect example:

That’s right, kids. According to the right, as long as you’re black, you’re a thug. Trayvon was a kid minding his own business, but he was black. Thug. He was carrying dangerous candy and a drink. Thug. When confronted he didn’t back dow but fought for his own safety. Thus. Then he was shot by a madman for walking while black in the wrong neighborhood. Thug.

It wood be so much easier if they would just be honest and go back to using the N-word.

Featured image from Twitter