Watch SNL Hilariously Mock Ted Cruz Over Iowa ‘Win’ (VIDEO)

Ted Cruz is a guy who’s easy to make fun of and SNL had a field day with him and his campaign last night. Taran Killam, who played the Republican presidential candidate, delivered a hilarious performance. Kallam as Cruz said:

“Some of you may have seen me in tonight’s Republican debates in New Hampshire. And if you missed it, here’s a quick recap: I won. I also won the Iowa Caucuses thanks to endorsements from strong conservatives like Glenn Beck and God almighty.”

Cruz’s “win”, of course, had nothing to do with God but more to do with some nasty trickery. For example, there was Cruz’s campaign telling voters that Ben Carson had dropped out of the race. Then of course, there were the mailers sent by the Cruz campaign which tried to manipulate voters into voting for him.

Killam as Cruz said he was an “unconventional candidate”:

“I didn’t get where I am today because I was born wealthy or handsome or charismatic or nice. I am not cool or likable or even fine.”

Cruz shouldn’t be blamed for his looks, being born without wealth, or even his lack of charisma. However, there are certainly some things he can do to make him more likable to folks. People don’t like being lied to, nor do they like to be manipulated and it looks like Ted Cruz is a master at that. It’s quite crazy to think that people actually vote for this guy!

Killam concluded: “Isn’t it time for a president who’s just a nasty, little weasel?” The answer is absolutely not, Ted!

Feature image via YouTube screenshot