Trump Encourages Audience To Call Ted Cruz A ‘P***y’ – Admits Protests Are Staged (VIDEO)

Just when you think Donald Trump can’t get any more grotesque he proves us all wrong. It’s as though he’s trying to see how awful he can get and still get away with it.

The real estate mogul has been racist, misogynistic, homophobic, dropped the f-bomb, amongst other several other things. Now, hearing an audience member from his latest rally in Manchester, NH, yell out “Ted Cruz is a pu–y!” he encouraged them to say it again. He jokingly said, “I never expect to hear that from you again,” then he said it himself while laughing and barely containing his glee from the moment. He even had to turn away.

Watch the moment here:

Trump, of course, is trying to belittle his competition, and seeing that Cruz is the guy who beat in him in Iowa, he’ll encourage any and all insults thrown at the Texas senator. Is this juvenile? Sure. Is it outrageous that a candidate for President of the United States will use the word “pu–y” on a national stage? Of course. Would you expect anything less from Trump? Of course not.

Let it be known, that the audience member who shouted this could have been a plant, so it would make it more acceptable for Trump to say this remark. As was pointed out by, well, himself shortly before the outburst, when he said:

“They’re getting rid of some protesters, look. Are the police the greatest? I like protesters, because that’s the only way the camera shows how big the crowd is. Sometimes we even stage protesters!”

And if they’re openly admitting to staging protesters, they’re probably also planting outbursts from supporters — probably:

At least now we know why some protesters aren’t beaten while others are.

Let’s be real, Trump is a walking and talking joke of a candidate. He has no political experience, no policy experience, no diplomatic experience, and as a businessman had to file for bankruptcy multiple times. What is he good at? Bullshitting. Which is how he’s gotten as far as he has not only in this election, but also in life. And people, really imbecilic people, are falling for it.

Now, if people insist on having a president who will openly use the word ‘pu–y’ on a national stage, well, then… Trump is your guy. However, let’s hope he’s not.

Video/Featured image: YouTube