Fox News Just Declared Trump The Winner In New Hampshire — Before Votes Were Even Counted (IMAGES)

Fox News had a bit of an embarrassing moment Tuesday when the network accidentally declared Megyn Kelly’s arch-nemesis, Donald Trump, the winner of the New Hampshire primary. It’s no secret that Fox doesn’t much like Trump — which is why it must have been embarrassing when a graphic declaring that 100% of the results were in — and that the billionaire 2016 hopeful had won — went live on the network’s website.

Taking the lead in New Hampshire, according to Fox’s “data” puts Donald Trump in the front with 83,000 votes — 28 percent. Coming in second is human-robot hybrid Marco Rubio at 15%. Taking third place is creepy Evangelical Ted Cruz at 15%. According to the fictional results, Ben Carson brought up the rear  with 2% of the vote — well behind Jeb Bush and even Carly Fiorina.


Fox very quickly removed the “results” from the website with Jeff Misenti, chief digital officer for the network, explaining that the “results” appeared as part of a test for its coverage of the state’s primary:

“During routine testing in preparation for the New Hampshire primary a malfunction occurred which briefly showed errant data on our website. This error has been rectified. We apologize for any confusion this may have caused.”

While Trump is almost a sure winner in any GOP matchup, it’s hilarious that Fox would, however accidentally, preemptively declare the man who has been trading barbs with the network and who skipped the last debate hosted by a Fox station after they refused to pay him $5 million to appear.

In the showdown between Bernie Sanders and Hillary Clinton, Fox declared Sanders the winner with 53% of the vote to Hillary’s 43 percent.

Screenshot_2016-02-09_09.23.53 (1)

Sure, Fox has a history of getting nearly anything wrong, but it’s impressive that they have managed to open a portal to the future in their efforts to be first with the news.

Featured image via screengrab