BREAKING: FBI Surrounding Oregon Terrorists, ‘Cancer Is A Fungus’ Assemblywoman Coming To Save Them (VIDEO)

It’s happening. The incredibly stupid saga that is the right-wing occupation of Malheur National Wildlife Refuge in Oregon is drawing to a close.

Surrounded by FBI agents, the remaining four holdouts called┬áconservative activist Gavin Seim to provide a livestream of what they view as their final moments. “You guys killed LaVoy, you let Hillary continue to run for President, you let Obama bring terrorists into our country!” militant David Fry yelled at FBI negotiators as the militants reminded federal agents that the occupiers would open fire if law enforcement attempted to move against them.

As time went on, Nevada Assemblywoman Michele Fiore — the one who thinks cancer is a mold and can simply be flushed out of a body — joined the call, but she is so unimportant the FBI repeatedly refused to speak to her. As I write this, Fiore is still attempting to negotiate — and it is hilarious.

Listen to the worst — and one of the most hilarious — soap operas in history unfold below:

Featured image via screengrab