Planned Parenthood Tells Carly Fiorina To Go F*ck Herself On The Way Out The Door (TWEETS)

If you have not heard, lying, “baby parts”-obsessed windbag Carly Fiorina has dropped out of the presidential race. This is, of course, completely unsurprising given her poll numbers, which have traditionally been firmly in the gutter ever since it became common knowledge that the felons who created her favorite propaganda videos had heavily and deceptively edited them.

On Wednesday, Fiorina joined fellow (former) 2016 hopeful Chris Christie in dropping out of the race.

Fiorina may be gone, but the fight against anti-abortion extremists will surely continue — a fight we absolutely must win. The best way to protect women is to vote in November. The next President will appoint as many as four Supreme Court justices. This, of course, has the power to swing the power heavily in favor of regressive, or progressive, policies. In other words, if we want women to continue to have dominion over their own bodies, we must vote BLUE in November.

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