LIVE: Bundy Terrorist Declares ‘War Against The Federal Government’ Because He Might Be Raped In Jail (LIVE AUDIO)

The Bundy empire has crumbled. Thursday morning, Welfare Cowboy Cliven arrived in Oregon just in time to be arrested for aiding his sons’ armed occupation of a federal bird sanctuary. Every militia leader, including Blaine Cooper as of Thursday morning, is in custody. One is dead after he attempted to pull a gun on FBI agents. Cliven Bundy’s son Ammon, the leader of the revolution, has called it quits. As of early Thursday, the militants had (with the aid of a Nevada Assemblywoman who thinks cancer is a fungus) agreed to surrender peacefully.

But things took an interesting turn after they got a good night’s sleep. ISIS-supporting human piece of garbage David Fry decided he no longer wishes to give himself up.

“I declare war against the federal government.” Fry said during a livestream. “There’s no way to beat this anymore but liberty or death.” Fry complains that his tax dollars are used to fund abortions (they’re not) and that the FBI “allowed” Hillary Clinton to run for President, along with a laundry list of other ridiculous complaints.

Fry explained that he is “taking a stand,” that he is willing to risk his life in his rather nonsensical war against the federal government. But his real motivation became clear later:

“If I go to prison, I’ll probably be raped.”

Will the Revolution end in peaceful surrender, or will Fry ruin it all?

Listen below:

Featured image via screengrab