Your Taxes Buy Billionaires Stadiums, They Charge You $7 For A Hot Dog — Obama Says NO MORE

Imagine you’re a billionaire who buys himself an NFL team. You’re obviously doing well if you can afford to even consider such a venture, but you’re about to start raking it in big time. At an average of $85 per ticket, 70,000 people or so are going to come pouring through the gates.

They aren’t allowed to bring any food or drinks with them, of course, so if they get hungry they’ll be feasting on $7.50 hot dogs and $16 cheese steaks. If you toss a couple of Oreos in the fryer at a cost of about 30 cents they’ll fork over another six bucks. That’s not including the drinks. The bottom of the barrel at most stadiums is the $5 bottled water.