Ted Cruz Gets His A** Handed To Him By Rachel Maddow For Bragging About Ted Nugent Endorsement (VIDEO)

Rachel Maddow noticed Ted Cruz bragging about being endorsed by Ted Nugent, and she didn’t let him get away with it.

Last month, Ted Cruz boasted about being endorsed by a pastor who thinks Hitler was sent by God to exterminate Jews, and now he’s boasting about gaining the support of a man who thinks Jews who support gun control are Nazis in disguise.

As Maddow pointed out on Friday night, Cruz’s website proudly displays a message crowing about Nugent’s support of the Texas Senator.


Maddow then listed the other slimy people who Ted Cruz is proud to call supporters of his campaign.

One of those supporters is anti-gay conservative pastor Kevin Swanson, who wants to execute all gay people. Cruz actually shared a stage with Swanson in Iowa late last year and bragged about it instead of distancing himself from him.

Another supporter of Cruz is Pastor Mike Bickle, who once said that Hitler was sent by God to exterminate Jews because they refused to convert to Christianity. Cruz embraced Bickle’s support last month.

And now Cruz is openly bragging about being endorsed by Nugent, who not only went on an incredibly anti-Semitic rant about Jews who support gun control, he also shit his pants to avoid being drafted during the Vietnam War, has called for the assassination of President Obama, and has a fascination with pedophilia.

“If you’re Senator Cruz and you put this up on your website proudly embracing an endorsement from Ted Nugent — showing off, campaigning even tonight on the fact that you are the choice for president of Ted Nugent — then you do kind of own this,” she argued. “Just like you own the guy who said that God sent Hitler to kill all the Jews, because you campaigned on his endorsement, too. Just like you own it when the guy saying every gay person in America should be executed, because you attended his event. You shared a stage with him. You did not have to do that. Honestly, this year, Ted Cruz is shooting the moon on this stuff. I don’t know how long it’s gonna be before the Beltway notices this pattern and realizes it might be a real issue for him.”

Here’s the video via MSNBC.

Earlier in the segment, Maddow noted that Cruz also spoke at Bob Jones University, a Christian indoctrination camp that forbids homosexuality, forbids interracial dating, and supports segregation as if it is stuck in the 1950s.

The bottom line is that Ted Cruz is a dangerous religious zealot who should not be allowed anywhere near the White House, or the US Senate, or any public office for that matter. His views and supporters are just too extreme in this country and go against our values as a nation.


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