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A Mole In The White House Just Revealed Obama’s SCOTUS Pick – Even The GOP Can’t Deny It (IMAGE)

Robert Reich, the former Secretary of Labor under Bill Clinton, and a very reputable source at that, just came forward and announced there is a mole in the White House. And, that mole has information concerning President Obama’s selection of the next Supreme Court Justice of The United States (SCOTUS).

As you may know by now, Republicans are hell-bent on doing anything and everything they can to block Obama’s right to nominate the next SCOTUS, no matter who he picks. Well, that’s going to be a problem because this pick is absolutely perfect.

Why do we say that? For one, Republicans unanimously nominated him just three years ago (97-0) to serve on the U.S. Court of Appeals for the D.C. Circuit. Yes, you read that right, 97-0. How on earth could the Republicans deny him now? If you’re familiar with the selection, you’d know I’m talking about Judge Sri Srinivasan. He’s Asian-American and Indian-American, and would be the first minority from both groups to hold the honor if nominated.

But, his minority status is not the only reason he’s an excellent choice for Democrats. He’d be almost impossible for the GOP to deny. But, don’t plan on them not trying. I mean, they just don’t care who Obama nominates, plain and simple. This is an election year, and they’ll fight him at all costs.

Still, his record is hard to deny. Obama has called him “a trailblazer who personifies the best of America.” He’s worked in the Justice Department under George W. Bush for five years, and twelve former Solicitors General, including Republicans, have endorsed his prior nomination despite his arguing against conservative causes like the Defense of Marriage Act. He didn’t think it was constitutional given the fact that it placed limits on same-sex couples.

Here’s Robert Reich’s lengthy post announcing the huge news:


Pic via Facebook.

Pic via Facebook.

While the pick is far from finalized, you can be sure to take this pick to the bank. Don’t expect President Obama to twiddle his thumbs for too long on this one. He’s ready for a fight, and will pick the best nominee, without a doubt.

But, just in case you’re curious, a few other unofficial names are floating around that would be great nominees as well, and are rumored to be on Obama’s short-list.

Patricia Ann Millett

She also hails from the influential D.C. Circuit Court of Appeals and the Senate confirmed her back in 2013 by a vote of 56-38. Not nearly as impressive as Judge Srinivasan’s unanimous selection, but still a contender given her background. She’s 50 and has a background working in both the Bill Clinton and George W. Bush administrations.

Here’s why she would be a wise choice: There’s only one other woman that has ever argued more cases before the Supreme Court (32 in all) than her. Impressive, indeed.

Loretta Lynch

She’s the Attorney General of The United States. She’s only been in the position since April 2015, not very long. While we don’t believe Obama will pick her, it’d be impossible not to have her name mentioned.

In the short time that she’s been Attorney General, she’s already filed a discrimination lawsuit against the city of Ferguson and indicted nine FIFA executives for their match-fixing scandal. If Obama picks a woman, it will be the third woman in a row nominated to the court.

Paul Watford

Some people are saying this is the most likely selection to replace Antonin Scalia, but then again, they don’t have a mole in the White House like Robert Reich does.

Watford is an African-American and confirmed to the Ninth Circuit in 2012. He used to clerk for a conservative judge Alex Kozinski, and he’s considered to be a moderate. He’s also in his 40’s, which would make him a long standing member of the court if selected.

Again, though, we stress that none of these nominees were unanimously selected like Judge Srinivasan. Expect Obama to go forward with the selection after his administration can gather up enough information on Republican’s opposition to him. Hey, that’s what moles are good for.

Featured image via White House