Ted Cruz Repeats Lie About SCOTUS Nominations, Vows To Block Anyone Obama Chooses (VIDEO)

After being embarrassed on live television Saturday night when John Dickerson fact-checked his lie about Supreme Court history, Ted Cruz showed no shame as he repeated the same line on Sunday.

The GOP Debate started off on Saturday night with Dickerson asked Cruz about whether or not President Obama should be able to name a successor to Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia, who died earlier that day.

Cruz claimed that a Supreme Court nominee named by a lame duck president has not been confirmed by the Senate in 80 years. Dickerson, however, pointed out that former President Ronald Reagan’s nomination of Justice Anthony Kennedy to the bench in 1987 was confirmed by the Senate in 1988, the final year of Reagan’s presidency. Thus, Dickerson caught Cruz lying, which stunned the candidate into silence as the crowd booed the moderator for bringing up pesky facts.

During an appearance on ABC’s This Week, the Texas Senator told George Stephanopoulos the very same lie and then blamed Democrats as the reason why Kennedy was only confirmed in 1988, claiming that it would never have happened if they had just automatically confirmed universally despised nominee Robert Bork instead of rejecting him and his extremism.

“George, the Senate has not confirmed a nominee that was named in the final year, an election year, in 80 years. This is a lame duck president. And, by the way, the only reason Anthony Kennedy was nominated that late is that Democrats in the Senate had gone after and defeated two previous nominees, Robert Bork, which set a new standard for partisan attacks on a nominee, and Doug Ginsburg. So it was the Democrats that had dragged it out for many months to make it that late. And right now, the court is exquisitely balanced.”

The fact is, however, that there is a process to Supreme Court nominations and confirmations. Many presidents have had their nominees rejected by the Senate, so it’s not like Reagan was the first to have a nominee fail to be confirmed. The bottom line is that Cruz is still wrong on his Supreme Court history.

But Cruz wasn’t done. Upon being asked if he would filibuster anyone President Obama nominates to fill Scalia’s seat, Cruz replied “Absolutely,” and said that the people should decide who fills the seat by electing the next president.

“This should be a decision for the people, George. We’ve got an election. And, you know, Democrats — I cannot wait to stand on that stage with Hillary Clinton or with Bernie Sanders and take the case to the people, what vision of the Supreme Court do you want? Let the election decide it. If the Democrats want to replace this nominee, they need to win the election.”

Here’s the video via ABC.

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This is a particularly hard argument to make since Americans elected President Obama for a full four year second term in 2012 by five million votes. President Obama has nearly a full year left in office, so it is absolutely absurd, not to mention an admission that Republican will refuse to do their constitutional duty, to suggest that President Obama should force America to wait a full year or more before the Supreme Court is functioning with a full nine member bench again. President Obama earned the right to nominate a Supreme Court Justice when he won the 2012 Election. Ted Cruz and his Republican comrades need to get over it and do their damn jobs.


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