Watch Out, Clarence Thomas: Petition Asks President Obama To Nominate Anita Hill For SCOTUS

Conservatives would be so pissed if this actually happened.

In what would perhaps be the most entertaining Supreme Court nominating process in American history, a petition is circulating asking President Obama to nominate Anita Hill to replace recently deceased Justice Antonin Scalia on the bench.

Hill is most remembered for her courageous testimony against current Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas during his confirmation hearings in 1991. Hill testified that Thomas made unwanted sexual advances toward her during his stint as supervisor at the Department of Education. Despite her passing a lie detector test while he refused to take one, the Senate still confirmed Thomas 52-48 in the narrowest margin since the 1800s after other women were denied the chance to testify in support of Hill.

Thomas and his conservative supporters, of course, demonized Hill, accusing her of being used by white liberals to cut down an “uppity black” with a “high-tech lynching.”

But while Hill may seem to be a controversial choice to fill Scalia’s seat on the high court, it’s not out of the realm of possibility, nor does she lack the qualifications.

Hill is an experienced attorney who also serves as University Professor of Social Policy, Law, and Women’s Studies at Brandeis University. The 59-year-old attended Oklahoma State University and Yale Law School. She is one of the most prominent experts in her field and certainly possesses the legal and academic chops to serve on the Supreme Court.

Furthermore, there has never been an African-American woman on the Court, which makes this an opportunity to make history with a much needed change. What better way to replace a racist misogynist like Scalia than with an educated black woman who specializes in social policy?

Not only that, just imagine how uncomfortable her nomination would make Clarence Thomas feel. He’d probably be sweating bullets while watching and hoping the nomination process eliminates her as the nominee. And it would be incredibly hard for conservatives to grill her without reminding the American public of how big of creep Thomas is. And if Republicans are too hard on her, they can be the ones accused of a “high-tech lynching” of an “uppity black” woman as they let their sexism and racism fly during hearings that would would likely be nationally televised and strewn across social media.

And even if Hill fails to be confirmed, it would make Republicans look like the terrible lawmakers and human beings that they are, all while embarrassing the hell out of Thomas, who may even end up feeling too exposed to remain on the Court. And if she does get confirmed, he might resign anyway or at the very least be forced to watch as the woman he harassed and humiliated over 20 years ago puts on the same black robe to help the American people in a way he has refused to do throughout his own tenure. She could end up being the social justice crusader women and minorities have hoped for and become more revered than Scalia and Thomas could ever hope to be.

As the petition says, “Now THAT’S Justice!”


Featured image from  Wikimedia