Bill Clinton Hilariously Smacks Down Obnoxious Trump Supporter As Only He Can (VIDEO)

While at a campaign event in Riviera Beach Florida, Bill Clinton was speaking about his wife, Hillary, and letting everyone know why they should choose her in the upcoming election. However, from the crowd came shouts of protest from a lone Donald Trump supporter who stood with a Trump campaign sign smirking and looking very proud of himself.

What this protester didn’t realize was coming was the fact that the former president is used to being attacked from every angle. He will have a comeback and retort to everything thrown his way. So that protester soon had his condescending smirk wiped off his face by an epic verbal smack down that he likely was not expecting.

The Trump supporter was shouting “You took his money!” in reference to the Clinton’s taking Trump’s money for their foundation. This is when Clinton responded without even blinking an eye:

“I certainly did. I took his money for my foundation and used it better than he’s using it now.”

However, the Trump minion still stood there with his smug little smile waving his sign around for all to see. And as the crowd grew restless at this obnoxious display, Clinton took on this creep head on. Referencing Trump, he said:

“I remember when he called me to say how terrible the Republicans had been to Hillary and me and how unfair they were and what a brilliant job Hillary did as a senator. By the way, a lot of them called me about that, which is why they spent the last three years trying to tear her down because they know if they nominate her they are going to have to eat the words they said.”

However, the former president wasn’t done. As the Secret Service finally led the Trump lackey away, Clinton said:

“If you want to build a wall along the Rio Grande and spend $13 million, then you should follow him like Moses into the Promised Land.”

BURRRNNN! Clinton basically told the guy that Trump is full of crap and is selling him on racist promises he simply won’t be able to deliver.

The lesson to be learned from all of this? Don’t mess with the Explainer-in-Chief. He will SHUT YOU DOWN.

Watch here:

Video/Featured image: YouTube