Stephen King Sums Up This Entire Presidential Election In One Glorious Tweet

It can be said that this current election cycle has been one of the most bizarre ever in the history of the United States. Sure, there have been nasty elections in the past that include those who notoriously mudsling, spread lies, and try to do anything to win. However, this election? This election may take the cake.

To perfectly sum up this election, one person has tweeted something that is beyond perfect. One can only assume this tweet was aimed at this current presidential process, because it speaks flawlessly to the tone of what we’ve all been witnessing.

In one perfectly glorious tweet, Stephen King says:

“The stupidest, ugliest Presidential campaign in my entire life. HOUSE OF CARDS meets SHARKNADO.”

Honestly? There is no better summation. House of Cards being the Netflix original series showing the gruesome and manipulative underbelly of the Washington DC machine, and Sharknado a film about a tornado sucking up sharks and raining them down on all of us to slowly destroy civilization. Where’s Ian Ziering when you need him?

This analogy rings beyond true as it shows the ugliness and ridiculousness of what we’ve been witnessing all wrapped into one. Leave it to the brilliant Stephen King to put this election into words.

Featured image: Twitter