This List Proves Republicans Are Damned LIARS About Obama’s Replacement For Scalia

As you may have heard, virtually every Republican in the nation is spewing over the fact that America will be destroyed if Obama replaces Antonin Scalia on the U.S. Supreme Court. Their excuse to block any nominee until after the next election is what’s known as the “Thurmond Rule.” Named after the amazingly racist Strom Thurmond, this isn’t a real rule. It’s only an opinion that a president shouldn’t nominate a SCOTUS replacement in the last 6 months of their term.

Yes, you are correct in what you just thought. Obama isn’t ANYWHERE NEAR his last 6 months. But, when have things like facts stopped Republicans before?

The reeking hypocrisy of Republicans on this issue is amazing. Not only is the “rule” they are using not an actual rule, but it doesn’t even fit the facts of the situation. But wait, it gets far better. Republicans have said that for the past 80 years, we have not had SCOTUS appointments during the end of a president’s term. Let’s fact check that, shall we?

Frank Murphy (1940) and Anthony Kennedy (1988), have – in the last 80 years – been appointed during the last year of a presidential term. There are 14 final year appointments total in the history of the United States, so to say it’s some kind of “rule” is blatantly stupid.

The full list is as follows: Oliver Ellsworth, 1796 – Samuel Chase, 1796 – William Johnson, 1804 – Philip Barbour, 1836 – Roger Taney, 1836 – Melville Fuller, 1888 – Lucius Lamar, – 1888 George Shiras, 1892 – Mahlon Pitney, 1912  – John Clarke, 1916 – Louis Brandeis, 1916 – Benjamin Cardozo, 1932 – Frank Murphy, 1940 and Anthony Kennedy, 1988.

For now, let’s focus on Anthony Kennedy. Kennedy was appointed during the last year of Ronald Reagan’s term. Here is where Republican hypocrisy really goes wild.

Mitch McConnell could be considered the head Republican cheerleader for the effort to block any nominee that Obama makes to replace Scalia. McConnell cited this rule, talking all about how it should be up to the American people to vote for a president who will make a nominee – giving the people a “voice” in the decision. How did Mitch McConnell vote on Anthony Kennedy? McConnell voted to confirm Anthony Kennedy, along with practically every other Republican on the list at that point. Where was his outrage back then?

Senator Chuck Grassley made a huge stink out of voting in a replacement SCOTUS judge as well, saying it was “standard practice” to not confirm SCOTUS nominee in an election year. You already guessed it. Grassley voted for Anthony Kennedy as well. Why did he do this when it wasn’t standard practice, as he said?

This ultra-stupid phenomenon is not only limited to old-school senators. Marco Rubio was asked both during the recent debate and by Chuck Todd this same question about a SCOTUS appointment. It was pointed out to him that Reagan appointed Kennedy in 87 during his last year. Marco responded:

It doesn’t really matter what Reagan did back in ’87. I think the president should allow the next president to appoint the justice to the Supreme Court, and if it’s me — and I anticipate that it will be — I’m going to look for someone in the mold of Justice Scalia, who while irreplaceable, I think is a model jurist and one of the great jurists in American history.”

Source: Crooks and Liars

Marco really is being the most honest out of everyone. “It doesn’t matter what Republicans do.” Frank, to the point and honest. Republicans don’t care about rules or precedent. They just want to have a chance to stack the Supreme Court so they can destroy the last bits of America that are available to everyone, regardless of class.

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