CNN Host Tells Senate Republican To Do His Damn Job (VIDEO)

Republican Senator Orrin Hatch tried to justify not doing his job and Chris Cuomo was having none of it.

During an appearance on CNN on Tuesday, Senate Judiciary Committee member Orrin Hatch attempted to defend the decision of Senate Republicans to refuse to hold confirmation hearings for anyone President Obama nominates to fill the vacant seat of Justice Antonin Scalia, who passed away on Saturday.

Ever since news broke of Scalia’s death, Republicans have made it clear that they won’t allow President Obama to fill the empty position on the bench, opting instead to wait a year until whomever is elected president in November takes office, which they hope will be a Republican.

But host Chris Cuomo told Hatch that he and his GOP colleagues should do their damn jobs as the Constitution requires, especially since the document conservatives claim they love so much says nothing about a president not being able to pick a judicial nominee during an election year.

“You don’t get to not vote on judges just because it is an election year and final year of someone’s presidency. So, that hypocrisy is as play as well,” Cuomo bluntly said. “You don’t have to like whom he nominates, but shouldn’t you go through the process?”

Of course, like a good little obstructionist Hatch continued to insist that Republicans don’t have to do anything. “No, I don’t think there is any real reason to do that,” he said. To which Cuomo asked, “What about the Constitution?”

Hatch responded by claiming that President Obama has been treated fairly by Senate Republicans, which we all know is a crock of shit considering the record amount of obstructing the GOP has done since President Obama first took office seven years ago. At the end of his response, Hatch revealed the only real reason why Republicans want to wait to replace Scalia.

“Look, this president’s been treated fairly. 40 percent of the federal judiciary up and Republicans have allowed votes on all of those. Now what they are saying is look, we are in a tremendous presidential campaign, there is a lot of bitterness on both sides, let’s diffuse this thing and let’s put this until the next president of the United States. We’ll wait and use discretion, and whoever is the next president will do the job. Now the Democrats of course naturally want this because they want to have a 5-4 majority on the court.”

Throughout the interview, Hatch claimed that Democrats muddied up the system by not confirming conservative extremist Robert Bork to the high court. However, Cuomo pointed out that Democrats at least held confirmation hearings as required by the Constitution and went through the process. It’s just that at the end Bork wasn’t confirmed, which is the Senate’s right. The Senate does have the power to reject a nominee. So it appears Hatch and his fellow Republicans all have a case of sour grapes because Democrats did their job. As it turned out, Anthony Kennedy ended up being confirmed to the Supreme Court instead of Bork.

The bottom line is that Senate Democrats went through the process even though they eventually rejected Bork. Fun fact: six Republicans voted against Bork as well.

Cuomo then informed Hatch that a 4-4 court is not a good thing because many cases won’t be settled due to constant ties, which would delay a real decision while cases pile up since unresolved cases have to be refiled and argued again. But Hatch thinks a 4-4 court is a good thing.

“A 4-4 court functions it’s functioned in the past. It will function this time. Just on the really controversial issues they will probably put them off for a year. It is not the end of the world. As a matter of fact, it is a smart thing to do.”

And as he had done multiple times throughout the interview, Hatch brought up the presidential election and how it would somehow be unfair to hold hearings during this time. And when Cuomo mentioned that the Constitution doesn’t say anything about not confirming judges during a election year, Hatch claimed the Constitution “gives you every right to defer this.”

“And to make sure that it is done in the best of ways so that both sides have an opportunity to have their person in the presidency and then, you know, if the Democrats win we’ll go through this process the way it ought to be gone through.”

Here’s the video via YouTube.

Again, Hatch makes a bullshit claim because we all know that if Republicans still control the Senate in 2017, they will continue to throw a temper tantrum and refuse to do their job if Hillary Clinton or Bernie Sanders is the president who makes a nomination. In other words, things will be no different than they are right now.

Hatch and Senate Republicans are the reasons why our government can’t get anything done for this country and now they are threatening to derail the judicial system and break all precedent just because they don’t want the Supreme Court to shift away from the extreme conservative ideology that has controlled the Court for decades. This is totally outrageous and the American people need to punish Republicans for this failure to do their jobs. After all, if any normal American worker failed to do their job, they’d be fired. So should Senate Republicans.


Featured image from Raw Story