U.S. Government Jailing People For Not Paying Back Student Loans (VIDEO)

The enormous debt students incur for college is already a huge burden for millions of Americans and the stress of financial debt can be daunting. Well now it can get even worse. The U.S. government is arresting borrowers who fail to pay back their student loans.

This happened to Paul Aker, who was arrested for failing to pay back a $1,500 loan he took out in 1987. He says that seven U.S. marshals showed up to his home with guns and combat gear and dragged him to jail. From there, he was taken to court where he was forced to sign a repayment plan in front of a judge. Aker said:

“It was mind boggling, I couldn’t believe it. I was standing before the court with no rights read to me, no legal representation, and I’d been told that I owe $1,500, just couldn’t believe it.”

The private sector is now able to use the government to force citizens to pay back loans. In this case, US marshals were used on behalf of debt collectors. US congressman Gene Green of Texas said:

” Our federal resources, our US marshals and federal court system are being used by the private sector. A few years ago, Congress allowed the private sector to contract for student loan collections and so you have these private companies who are doing this.”

Private loan companies often charge enormous interest rates that plunge young Americans into perpetual debt slavery for a lifetime. It’s crazy to think that they’re now able to use the resources of the federal government to come after Americans who often don’t have the financial resources to pay back loans.

Thanks to the U.S. Congress, this has all been made possible.

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Featured image From YouTube Screen Capture.