WATCH: Rubio Uses Canadian City In ‘It’s Morning Again In America’ Ad

The dramatic opening of Marco Rubio’s new ad, which is titled “It’s Morning Again In America,” features a city that isn’t even in America. It’s in Canada.

It didn’t take long for the Canadian-based Vancouver Sun to spot footage of the Vancouver skyline, which is clearly featured in the opening footage of Rubio’s new ad.

As the narrator proclaims “It’s morning again in America,” we are treated to a scene that highlights some of Vancouver, Canada’s most recognizable landmarks, which includes Harbour Centre, One Wall Centre and the Port Metro Vancouver cranes.

The footage is not only of Canada, instead of the United States, but it also features a Canadian Seaspan tugboat. The tugboat appears to be flying the Canadian flag.

Watch the video, which was uploaded to YouTube by Marco Rubio, February 14.

Marco Rubio wants to be president of the United States, but he can’t even find footage of the United States to use in his “It’s Morning Again In America” campaign ad?

As bad as it seems, it shouldn’t really be a surprise.

What else would you expect from a presidential candidate who has been dubbed “The Biggest Idiot Running for President?”

That’s quite a distinction, considering the sheer number of idiots hoping to win the GOP nomination this year.

Rubio became a household name in 2013, after delivering the GOP’s annual response to the President’s state of the Union address.

While no-one remembers a word then-Senator Rubio said during the speech, the image of him guzzling water from a plastic bottle will never fade from our collective memory.

Since then Rubio has won the hearts of republican voters, who appear to love him not just because he is rabidly anti-gay, but also because he repeatedly brags that he is “not a Scientist.

With the release of his latest campaign ad, I think it is safe to assume that Marco Rubio is also not a geographer.

Featured image from video screen capture, via Marco Rubio on youtube