Bette Midler Uses Cruz And Trump’s Own Insults Against Them In This DELICIOUSLY Vulgar Tweet

Bette Midler has been busy sticking it to the GOP Clown Car candidates on Twitter. It’s easy to do; after all the lot of them are a national embarrassment. The Devine Miss M. just took her Twitter treatment of Clown #1 and Clown #2 — Donald Trump and Ted Cruz — to the next level, and this time it was their own words she used to give them yet another much deserved insult. Midler sent out a tweet on Wednesday afternoon that read:

“Trump called Ted Cruz a “pussy”? Well, Trump’s a dick so maybe they should get together and fuck off!”

What’s so awesome about this is that Bette Midler didn’t even need to come up with this on her own — Trump and Cruz just handed her all the ammunition she needed, and she took it and fired the perfect shot. Likely, if Trump, at least, has seen this, he is likely foaming at the mouth and seething. That also means he likely is just itching to attack Midler in one of his infamously childish Twitter rants.

However, even Trump must know better than to do that. Bette Midler is a universally loved icon. He’d be a fool to go after her so publicly.

Keep up the good work, Ms. Midler. We here in the party of sanity are loving it.

Featured image via Bette Midler Twitter