Americans Tell Senate GOP To Let President Obama Pick Supreme Court Nominee (IMAGE)

Sorry, Republicans. The American people have spoken and you lose.

Ever since Justice Antonin Scalia died, Republicans have insisted that President Obama should let whoever wins the 2016 presidential election nominate the new Supreme Court Justice. Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell even vowed not to even consider anyone Obama picks, which is a complete betrayal of the Constitution and everything Scalia stood for.

And the American people overwhelmingly disagree with the GOP.

Not only is President Obama serving out the final year of the second term a majority of Americans elected him to serve, a new poll shows that Americans still want him to the job despite what Republicans want.

A new Rasmussen poll indicates that Americans not only think President Obama should make the pick, they say Senate Republicans should NOT block any nomination Obama puts forth.

All told, 51 percent of Americans say President Obama is still the commander-in-chief, therefore he should get to replace Scalia, while only 43 percent say he shouldn’t. An even bigger percentage of people, 53 percent, say Senate Republicans should not stand in his way. Only 35 percent say Senate Republicans should remain the obstructionist assholes they are.

Here’s a chart showing the poll results via ThinkProgress.


The poll represents the opinions of likely voters, which means Republicans should probably reconsider their stance since any political stunt could hurt them on Election Day. People are sick and tired of GOP obstructionism and blocking President Obama from filling a vacant seat on the Supreme Court out of some sick political game won’t impress voters at all.

But rather than listen to the American people, Republicans will probably ignore them like they did when they listened to Ted Cruz and shut down the government. If Republicans really care about not getting their asses totally handed to them at the voting booth this November, they need to suck it up, respect that President Obama is still their president, and give any nominee he puts forward a fair confirmation hearing. That’s what the American people want, that’s what the American people should get.

Featured Image: Flickr