Arkansas School ‘Desegregates’ By Only Calling Black Students To Assembly On Gangs And Drugs (VIDEO)

An Arkansas school was ordered to desegregate and for some reason the school thought that meant forcing only black students to attend an assembly on gangs and drugs.

Maumelle High School claims it was only complying with the court order to desegregate when school officials summoned African-American freshman students to an assembly via intercom.

The assembly featured Pastor Dante Shelton, who presented his experience with drugs and gang violence. But it wasn’t long before the students began to realize that there were no white students at the assembly.

“Someone in the group asked, why are there no other kids except for African-American kids here?” Aaron Perkins, whose sister attended the event, told KATV. “She felt that it was very racist.”

But school officials insist the assembly was only part of the effort to desegregate the school, which somehow has been allowed to skirt federal law since it was founded in 2011. It’s as if they have never heard of Brown v. Board of Education at all.

According to school spokeswoman Deborah Roush,

“Freshmen students were identified by the school because it is a time of transition when they are more easily influenced. Black students were selected with the intent that the assembly would be an extension of the district’s court-ordered desegregation efforts, which encourage programs and opportunities tailored to minority students.”

And that is just complete bullshit. The very definition of desegregation is the ending of policies that keep people of different races apart. So in no way could this assembly be part of that effort. If anything, it’s an effort to cling onto segregation, which keeps the races separate.

Here’s the video via KATV.

Not only does this school apparently not know the definition of desegregation, they apparently don’t realize how racist this assembly was either. By only including black students at this assembly, the school is assuming that only black kids join gangs or do drugs and that is simply an outrageous stereotype. The school claims students could “opt out” of the assembly, but when a student is called via intercom to go somewhere by the school office, you go. So it definitely looks like these students had no choice and are the victims of racism at their school.

Understandably, parents are outraged and the ACLU is now involved. Maumelle High School owes these parents and the students they singled out an apology. And perhaps another court visit is in order to make sure school officials understand what desegregation means.


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