Fox Airs Footage Of Riots While Covering President Obama’s Black Lives Matter Meeting (VIDEO)

In a despicable bit of biased news coverage, Fox & Friends aired footage of riots while covering President Obama’s meeting with Black Lives Matter leaders.

President Obama and First Lady Michelle Obama celebrated Black History Month at the the White House on Thursday, during which they met with several leaders of the Black Lives Matter movement for nearly two hours thanking them for their efforts to bring attention to issues that are important to the African-American community.

Black Lives Matter began as a peaceful protest against police shootings of unarmed black men and women, but has since become a larger organization focused on other issues as well, including mass incarceration and income inequality.

Fox News, of course, did not cover the event fairly at all. While covering the story, the conservative network aired footage of black people rioting even though riots had nothing to do with the event.

Host Heather Childers introduced the segment by opening with comments about riots in Baltimore and Ferguson while playing the footage, which Fox apparently keeps on hand to air whenever President Obama dares to honor anybody who isn’t white.

“The violent riots several years ago in Ferguson and Baltimore now drawing praise from President Obama — praise,” Childres said in disgust even though Black Lives Matter did not instigate the riots nor did they approve of them.

Here’s the video via Twitter:

Fox News could have simply covered the event without unrelated footage of riots, but they chose to be total racists instead.

Even CNN host Brian Stelter couldn’t hide his utter disgust of how Fox News covered President Obama’s Black History Month event.

Once again, Fox News shows just how biased it is, but at least they didn’t completely get away with it this time.


Featured Image: MySide’s Spew