Look How Nestle Profits By Taking Michigan Water For Free As Flint Pays A FORTUNE For Poison (IMAGE/VIDEO)

The residents of Flint, Michigan have been poisoned, some irrevocably, by a long, intentional brutalization brought about by Republican governance. Even after the extent of this act of terror was made apparent in the national media, forcing Republicans to cower and scurry in fear, residents are still being forced by these same legislators to pay the highest water rates in the entire country while they continue to be forced to use poisoned water.


via Detroit Free Press

There is a person, though, that is getting clean water virtually for free at a rate of over a quarter million gallons per day.

Who is this person you ask? It’s the Nestle corporation. Remember how they are now people too? Nestle is pumping 200 gallons per minute of clean water from aquifers that feed Lake Michigan under a permit granted by the state in the early 2000’s. What’s even more grossly offensive is what Nestle pays – or rather doesn’t pay – for this privilege. They don’t pay anything for the actual extraction of water. They pay a $5000 permitting fee to the state and lease a portion of land from a private landowner for housing their facility. It gets even better, though, because not only do they get this sweetheart deal – they’re also given $13 million in tax breaks and giveaways by the state for deigning Mescota County worthy of their corporate benevolence by “creating jobs” with their facility.

Not only do state Republicans force an average resident of Flint Michigan to pay nearly $1000 a year for poisonous water, but they give away clean water for free so that a corporation can sell it back to the people they took it from for a HUGE profit. In an entire year, Nestle pays approximately .000048 dollars per gallon of water that they then resell for millions of dollars in free profits on top of the millions of dollars they don’t pay in taxes.

Nestle’s spokesperson in Michigan is Deborah Muchmore. She is the wife of Dennis Muchmore, who was the chief of staff for the lead-poisoning terrorist Michigan governor, Rick Snyder. Dennis recently retired from Snyder’s office in order to become a lobbyist. I am sure that Michigan Republicans will find some of the billions in yearly profits from Nestle in their re-election campaigns soon, rather than having money diverted to alleviate the suffering of the people of Flint.

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