Trump Calls For A Boycott Of Apple, But Forgets He’s Tweeting On An iPhone

Donald Trump decided he was anti-capitalism on Friday when he called for his supporters to boycott Apple products. Would he be joining in the boycott he called for? Probably not because he’s still using his iPhone to tweet dozens of times a day. Oops.

Trump has taken the side of the federal government over Apple in the fight between combating terrorism and consumer privacy. The Justice Department has repeatedly demanded that Apple break into the iPhone of one of the San Bernardino terrorists. The tech company has declined, citing the need to protect the privacy of its customers.

Hilariously, Trump’s call for an Apple boycott comes on a day where he has been busy tweeting, and many users noticed that Trump’s tweets come with a signature “Twitter for iPhone” description on the bottom.

Trump may have been under the impression that no one would notice what kind of device he was using because for Twitter users going directly to the website or ones using the Twitter app on their phones, this description doesn’t always appear. For users of the Twitter organizational app called Tweetdeck.

The Republican front-runner made the comments at a campaign rally in South Carolina where he is expected to win the primary by a massive margin.

Trump’s attack on Apple is an odd choice for the man who frequently cites his shrewd business sense as his main (some might say “only”) presidential qualifier. It’s certainly not about ethics. Trump routinely brags that his companies have declared bankruptcy to exploit the government and make the taxpayers give him more money. Instead, it might just be out of professional jealousy. After all, Trump may be a billionaire, but none of his assets hold a candle to Apple’s profitability.

Recently, Apple’s value¬†surpassed $700 billion, the largest company in the United States by a¬†massive margin. It’s unlikely that Trump, or his fans, will have any discernible impact on the company’s profits. In the past several years, Republicans have threatened to boycott everything from Starbucks to Cheerios. The half-baked protests have worked exactly zero times. Trump may have the Republican Party under his thumb, but most of America still hates his guts.

Feature image via Gage Skidmore/Flickr